Free Shoulder Holster Pattern Pdf (2024)

1. [PDF] Shoulder-Holster-Pattern-4416.pdf -

  • This PDF package has been put together to give you options when it comes to printing. Some PDF file downloads may contain some documents larger than an 8-1/2” x ...

2. Shoulder Holster Pattern 4416 — Tandy Leather, Inc.

  • Shoulder holster pattern has adjustable cross-tab styling, buckle fasteners and shoulder harness. Includes patterns for different makes and styles of guns:

  • Shoulder holster pattern has adjustable cross-tab styling, buckle fasteners and shoulder harness. Includes patterns for different makes and styles of guns:Holster A fits: COLT: Detective Special, Agent, Cobra; SMITH & WESSON: Models 36, 37, 38, 60; CHARTER ARMS: Bulldog; Most other small frame revolvers.Holster B fits: COLT: Government, Commander; BROWNING: High Power; BARRETTA: Model 92; STAR: Auto, AMT: HardballerHolster C fits: COLT: Python, Diamond Back; SMITH & WESSON: All J, K & L Frames (N fits if unlined); RUGER: Speed Six, Security Six; TARUS: Models T65, T80, T82; DAN WESSON: All except 44 Mag.; Most other large frame revolvers.

3. Doc Holiday Shoulder Holster Pattern -

4. How to Make a Shoulder Holster (with Pictures) - wikiHow

  • Making Inserts · Stitch Your Inserts · Finish the Holster

  • A shoulder holster is a holster mounted on a shoulder strap instead of on a belt. It makes it possible to hide a weapon even if the front of your coat is open. You can make the entire thing yourself, starting with the holster and then...

5. Shoulder Holster Pattern Pack - EDC Leather

  • Horizontal mount shoulder rig with vertical mag pouch, this pattern pack includes all hardware need to build your next rig! Just add leather and your ...

  • Horizontal mount shoulder rig with vertical mag pouch, this pattern pack includes all hardware need to build your next rig! Just add leather and your craftsmanship!

6. Pattern, Shoulder Holster - Springfield Leather Company

  • Take a shot at this pattern! The SLC Shoulder Holster Pattern Pack features full-sized patterns and color instructions for 2 different holster sizes. ...

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7. Digital Patterns - Adams LeatherWorks

  • Makers of quality leather holsters, tutorials and other cool stuff! ... Apple AirTag Leather Keychain PDF Pattern. Regular Price$4.95Sale Price$2.48 ...

  • Adams LeatherWorks

8. Strongside Holster Patterns - EDC Leather

  • Shoulder Holster Pattern Pack · Click and Ship · StrongSide Holster Click n Ship ... 752 Cake ZERO Pattern Pack (65 Patterns Total) Digital these are PDF patterns.

  • FNS 509c, FNS 9, FNS 9c, Glock G17, Glock G19, Glock G21, Glock G26, Glock G42, Glock G43, Glock G48, HK VP40, Ruger Maxx 9, Ruger Security 9, Ruger SR9, Ruger SR9c, SCCY cpx1&2, S&W MP9, S&W MP9 mod2, S&W Shield 9, SIG 220, Springfield Hellcat, Springfield XD45, Springfield XD45 subcompact, Springfield XD9, Springfield XD9 subcompact, SPRINGFIELD XDE 3.3, SPRINGFIELD XDS .45, Springfield XDS 4.0, Taurus 24/7, Taurus 709slim, Taurus G2C, Taurus G3C, Taurus G3, Taurus G4x, Walther P99

Free Shoulder Holster Pattern Pdf (2024)


Should a shoulder holster be left or right handed? ›

Obviously you want the holster to reside on the opposite of your dominant side. Therefore if you are right handed, you would order the right hand holster where the holster will reside on your left side.

What shoulder holster does James Bond use? ›

The Galco Executive is James Bond's shoulder holster for his Walther PPK in the movies GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough.

Which is better vertical or horizontal shoulder holster? ›

Vertical holsters are suitable for larger, heavier guns that should be held in an upright or downright angle. These are more comfortable than horizontal holsters, and are often used by law enforcement officers. The vertical holster also allows you to draw your weapon more smoothly.

How high should a shoulder holster be? ›

First, ensure that the shoulder holster is positioned high up near the armpit. It's a common mistake for people to wear shoulder holsters too low.

What is the best gun for a shoulder holster? ›

Slim subcompacts like a S&W Shield or Sig P365 are great choices. Among full-size guns, a larger pistol with a slim slide such as a CZ 75 or a 1911 is very well-suited to use in a shoulder holster.

What is the most comfortable position for concealed carry holster? ›

There are quite a few positions you can concealed carry in, and the holster you use may play a part in that. We talked to our customers and found the most comfortable concealed carry position is on the hip, in a 3 or 9 o'clock position, or just behind the hip in a 4-5 or 7-8 o'clock position.

Is a shoulder holster legal? ›

The Pros and Cons of Shoulder Holsters

Before using a shoulder holster, you may ask, “are shoulder holsters legal in my state?” For concealed carry, you can use a shoulder holster in any situation you would use a waist holster. As long as you completely conceal your gun, it has the same use case.

What kind of holster did Wyatt Earp use? ›

Wyatt Earp

He wore a belt holster that was designed for right-handers with a triple drop loop holster and a loop that angeled upwards. Some dispute if Wyatt Earp actually wore this holster during the fight or he carried his gun in his coat pocket. Either way, it was the setup that he used.

What holster do Marines use? ›

Overview: The USMC Holster is a Commercial-Off- The-Shelf (COTS) holster for the M9 or M9A1 Pistol. It comes in right and left-handed variants. It replaces the M-12 holster.

What type of holster is most comfortable? ›

Another quality option for a holster is leather. Good quality leather can be a little more forgiving than Kydex and a little more comfortable, while at the same time being very durable.

What type of holster is best for concealed carry? ›

Inside-the-waistband (IWB) holsters cling closer to the body, which aids concealment. Outside-the-waistband (OWN) holsters are not practical for year-round Typically, the only time you can get away with an OWB holster is if you are wearing a sweatshirt and/or jacket. Allow a consistent good grip and draw.

Where should shoulder holster sit? ›

The gun should be felt two inches below your armpit. Adjust the straps so the holster can sit comfortably. This will prevent any restrictions on the movement. The straps should cross high on your shoulders.

What is a Level 3 holster? ›


By combining the ALS and SLS security mechanisms, a total of three manual hand movements are required to release the firearm from the holster. This retention level is the most common model for patrol and general duty use.

What to wear over a shoulder holster? ›

Wear a loose jacket.

Shoulder holsters are usually worn under a jacket of some kind to conceal them. Otherwise, they would be clearly visible. Make sure the jacket is loose enough that it doesn't press tightly against the holstered gun.

What are the pros and cons of a shoulder holster? ›

They provide easy access to the firearm while distributing the weight evenly across the body. While there are some drawbacks to using shoulder holsters, such as bulkiness and limited clothing choices, they offer many advantages in terms of comfort, accessibility, concealment, and discretion.

Should I use a right handed holster if left handed? ›

As a left handed person, it's crucial that you invest in a left handed holster compatible with your draw. Using a right handed holster in a left handed carry position, or trying to draw with your right hand as a leftie, is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous.

What side should your gun holster be on? ›

Place the holster toward the back of your body on your dominant side, and adjust the angle so you can reach it naturally. Point the grip of your firearm toward your dominant side. An outside-the-waistband holster is also worn at the waist, usually at the hip.

Is a shoulder holster a good way to carry? ›

In conclusion, shoulder holsters are a popular choice for concealed carry enthusiasts who want a comfortable and convenient way to carry their firearms. They provide easy access to the firearm while distributing the weight evenly across the body.

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