How To Use Effectively (2024)

To successfully find yourself a lover on, there are some steps you will need to take to maximize your chances and enhance your dating experience. It’s simple to register for an account, find your next date, use the site features to connectwith members. Additionally, members are able to access all the features on their smart phoneby downloading its Mobile App. Happy dating on CharmDate! Here are a few handy tips to use the site effectively:

How To Use Effectively (1)

Register for an account

Men can register as new members on the front page of by filling in their basic personal details or by using their existing Facebook accounts to sign in. Tick the box next to “Send me photos of my matches once a week” to ensure you don’t miss out on potential matches.

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Expand on your profile and add a photo

After signing in, click on “Edit Profile” and complete your profile, including a detailed and unique personal description, and let your personality shine. Be honest and stay true to yourself, because honesty is a quality highly valued by Russian and Ukrainian women. Make sure to include several recent photos showing your best. Post a photo which is truthful and sends out the right message.

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Verify your profile and get Qpid SEAL

S.E.A.L. means Screened, Examined, Affirmed, Labeled. The Qpid SEAL is a FREE profile verification service which increases the credibility of your profile significantly, as does your response rate from ladies and their interest in your profile. Once key information – your name, date of birth, photo identity, telephone number and residential address – is checked and approved using the documents you upload, a Qpid SEAL image will be displayed on your public profile.

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Fill in your match criteria

Go to Settings > Match Criteria to set the age range and more criteria for your ideal partner. Matches will appear on the home page.

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Collect and use Bonus Points

Members can collect and use Bonus Points to redeem selected premium services. Currently, members can use 10 points to send introductory mails to ladies they have never corresponded with. Bonus Points can be collected by the following methods:
1) Installing mobile app (20 points)
2) Completing their profile (15 points)
3) Obtaining the Qpid SEAL (free profile verification service) (10 points)
4) Uploading an approved profile photo (5 points)
5) Verifying their email addresses (5 points)
6) Verifying their mobile numbers (5 points)
7) Using credit to send or read an EMF mail (2 points)

How To Use Effectively (6)

Search for suitable matches

If the matches that appear on the home page are not your cup of tea, you can search for lady profiles yourself. Just click on “Search” and enter your partner preferences.

How To Use Effectively (7)

View lady profiles and use Video Show

Click on a lady to view profile and personal information of beautiful single Russian girls or Ukraine ladies, and watch a video using Video Show (introduction videos of the lady).

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Contactsingle member

When you’ve found a lady you think you might like, it’s time to make the first move and contact her. You can use Bonus Points to send her an introductory mail for free, then use our other services:
1) Express Mail Forwarding (EMF) – mail is delivered on an as-is basis and when men send mail to ladies, the local agency will notify her and assist her in reading it. Translation services are included.
2) Live Chat – an instant messaging service which enables men to chat with your ladies in real-time. Feelings can be expressed by text and emoticons, and even by virtual gifts. Ladies can choose between two types of chat mode – with a translator or without.
3) Love Call – men can talk to their ladies via any mobile phone or landline directly or in a 3-way call with professional translation assistance.

How To Use Effectively (9)

Buy credits

As functions as a pay-to-use service, you’ll have to purchase credits. There are several credit packs you can choose from. The bigger the credit pack, the more value for money it is.

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How To Use Effectively (2024)
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