you and i are already (out of control) - deerkitty - ZEROBASEONE (2024)

Ricky wanted to be f*cked.

Not just by anyone, but particularly by his wonderful boyfriend, Kim Gyuvin.

Last time, he chickened out at the last minute.

This was how it went: it was a typical Saturday afternoon. Gyuvin was in his room with his lights on, clicking away on the keyboard. Ricky inhaled deeply and rehearsed his script repeatedly in his head, running through each word until they flowed easily out of his mouth. No matter what happened, he knew at the end of the day Gyuvin would bring him comfort and reassurance.

Summoning bravery, Ricky took a final deep breath and turned the doorknob. Amid the intense gaming, Gyuvin sensed Ricky’s hovering presence and swiftly removed his headphones as he typed his goodbyes to Taerae and Gunwook, shutting off the computer.

When it came to Ricky, Gyuvin endlessly provided his undivided attention to him. He tilted his head and offered the warmest look— the one with crinkled eyes, pure adoration radiant on his face. “Hi, Ricky.”

“Hi, Gyuvin,” Ricky shakily whispered back.

“Hm?” Gyuvin hummed in response as he waited, eyes glowing like Ricky had gifted him the moon and stars. Love was shining from Gyuvin like he could never get tired of seeing Ricky. That candid look of love never failed to knock the oxygen out of Ricky’s chest. It made him weak in the knees.

To compose himself, Ricky darted his eyes around the room like a skittish kitten in distress, eyes locked on their high school photograph pinned on the wall. He subconsciously peeled the skin of his fingers, an old habit suddenly reappearing when he had stopped a year ago when he had finally found a group of people to call his family. Gyuvin glanced at his fingers and stood up from his seat, taking Ricky's hands into his, halting the movement.

Heat rose to his cheeks as he avoided Gyuvin’s doe eyes. He fiddled with the ring on Gyuvin’s finger, the one he gave him. In response, Gyuvin caressed Ricky’s fingers with his thumb, the contrast of Gyuvin’s rough hands on his soft hands had him electrified.

“Gyuvin, I want,” he swallowed, throat dry. All he had to say was that one line. “I want to have, uh…”

“You want…?” Gyuvin repeated, matching his tone to Ricky’s. Slow and steady. Everything will be okay.

This was so embarrassing. “Sex,” Ricky mumbled. He wanted to die from humiliation as he stared at their hands.



The silence was too long, too uncomfortable. He wondered if he hallucinated. Maybe he never said it or Gyuvin didn’t hear him. To check, Ricky glanced up to find Gyuvin frozen in place with an awkward smile on his face like he didn’t know how to react. Alarms rang in his head.

“N-Nevermind. Forget it.” Ricky stuttered out, unlocking his hands from Gyuvin’s grasp. He fled to his bedroom without looking back, locking the door. If Gyuvin had tried to call him, Ricky wouldn't know, his brain blocking his senses. He plopped onto his bed and covered himself with his Gyuvin-scented blanket.

The previous night, they had watched a romance K-drama on Ricky's iPad while Gyuvin spooned Ricky. Ricky couldn't tear his eyes off the screen. He was too invested in the show. Gyuvin had rested his head on Ricky's shoulder, dozing off somewhere in the middle of the episode. Ricky only discovered this when he excitedly tapped on the hands wrapped around his waist and asked if Gyuvin realized the hints that the writers had been foreshadowing since the fourth episode, only for his boyfriend to fall asleep.

Pausing the drama, he took note of the time stamp and shut his iPad off, trying to wiggle out of Gyuvin's tight hold to charge the device and placed it on the nightstand. He turned around to face Gyuvin, who was slightly drooling in his sleep. He wiped the drool off and snuggled into his sleepy boyfriend's chest.

Placing his ear to his chest, he listened to Gyuvin's slow, relaxed heartbeat as he placed his own hands around Gyuvin's waist too. The two of them were mirroring each other in this position and the last thing Ricky remembered was the leftover scent of Gyuvin's fresh perfume lingering.

Now the scent of Gyuvin on Ricky's bed was making him insane. He barely slept a wink that night.

The next morning after the incident, they tried to discuss it, but it was too awkward. Ricky never wanted to speak of it again, telling Gyuvin to drop it. In the end, Gyuvin told him it was perfectly fine for them to take it slow and if Ricky wanted to talk about this again, he would be ready.

Since then, Gyuvin has not brought the incident up like the kind, sweet boyfriend he was.

Honesty, it wasn’t like Ricky had never had sex before either. It was just that it had been so long. He knew it was just Gyuvin, but that was the problem. It was because it was Gyuvin.

The most they had ever done were sloppy hushed handjobs before they dated, friendly ones, they would whisper to each other. There were many messy make out sessions and other sappy stuff, and that was it. Gyuvin mentioned in passing that he didn’t have a preference for topping or bottoming as long as he got to be with Ricky, so there was that too.

Ricky knew better than anyone that he could talk to Gyuvin and say he was ready now. He was trying, he really was, but every time he mustered up the courage, the words didn't flow like how he wanted them to. So much for being multilingual.

Logically, he decided to resort to the next best plan: to seduce Kim Gyuvin so Shen Ricky can finally get f*cked by his boyfriend.

Ricky was going to be the death of Gyuvin.

Gyuvin had no idea if Ricky was doing this on purpose or not, but recently Ricky had been wearing the shortest shorts he had in his closet, even when the weather was colder than usual. The shorts clung to his ass and barely covered anything, leaving Gyuvin’s mind to wander off… places. With each movement, each step he took, and when he sat down, those f*cking shorts just kept riding up further, and there was only so much he could take.

When Gyuvin finally asked him after the third day, Ricky replied that it was too hot. Which, by the way, was bullsh*t because according to Gyuvin’s Ricky encyclopedia, he hated being cold, always bugging Gyuvin to turn up the thermometer.

Not that he would complain about seeing his boyfriend’s soft, milky legs. No, never. In fact, he welcomed it, wanting nothing more than to mark up those delicious thighs and maybe even coax out a few lewd sounds from Ricky that he always fantasized about.

But when he imagined a cold, trembling Ricky, he wanted to wrap him in a fluffy blanket, tuck him into bed, and kiss him senseless until neither one of them could breathe, too occupied with claiming each other and becoming addicted to the taste of one another’s lips. Ricky would allow him, too. They both always became greedy, consistently wanting more, hands wandering anywhere and everywhere they could touch and claim, pressed as close as possible, until no one could tell where one body began or ended.

Anyways. The problem was not that his beautiful and sexy boyfriend was in those shorts.

(It kind of was.)

Gyuvin was going to explode, and he didn't know how much more of this he could handle.

The first day Ricky wore those shorts, he paired them with Gyuvin’s favorite oversized sweater. Gyuvin had no choice but to freeze, drop his snacks, and stare at Ricky in the middle of their kitchen. His mouth watered at the sight. Nothing in his imagination could ever surpass whatever was happening in front of him.

The sweater looked even softer and delicate on him, yet the thing did nothing to cover his long legs. Instead, it made him look all the more enticing. He wanted to devour him whole.

Ricky’s eyes glinted mischievously, “Are you alright, baobei?”

His words died in his throat before he could barely chirp out in a strangled voice, “Yes!” It sounded pathetic to his own ears. He was f*cking pathetic.

Things became even weirder when Ricky started waking up early without his loud ass alarms that vibrated the entire place. Every time Gyuvin woke up, Ricky was already out of his embrace. The bed was cold and lonely, and so was Gyuvin.

Usually, Gyuvin knew what went on inside that pretty mind of his. He was the number one Ricky reader, translator, and interpreter after all, but recently he had no clue.

And that never ended up well. The last time that happened, their friendship almost got destroyed over misunderstandings and miscommunication.

Quick storytime: Gyuvin has been friends with Ricky for a couple of years now. Three years, five months, and six days to be exact, but who was counting anyway?

They only begun dating two months ago after they made up after a fight about bringing romantic and sexual partners over to their shared place. It was brutal, to say the least. They were both fighting around the elephant in the room, never daring to mention it. The giant elephant was their feelings for each other. It was a frustrating game that neither of them signed up for. There was too much to risk, too much to lose.

Gyuvin remembered the fight like it was yesterday.

“Oh, so he's just a friend.” He had spitted out. “That's what you're telling me? So are all your hookups your friends now?”

“You don't have the right to say that to me. I can do whatever I want.” Ricky snapped. He snatched his clothes and folded them neatly into squares even in anger, dropping them into his bag. “I'm an adult. We're both adults.”

“Since you're such an adult, you can't keep running away. You can't avoid me forever. For god’s sake, you live here.” Gyuvin took a deep breath. “Why are you mad at me?”

“I should be asking you that. If you didn't make it a problem, it wouldn't be one. This conversation is over.”

“Don’t you get it? You’re my best friend. I care about you. I don’t want you wasting your time and energy on these people who can’t even treat you right. Why are you looking for someone else when I’m right here?”

“Stop that,” whispered Ricky. “You call me your best friend but—” He inhaled shakily. Most people would not be able to notice that Ricky was on the edge of bursting into tears, but Gyuvin could because he wasn’t just anyone; he was his soulmate and yet he was the cause of those tears. Those tears would spill onto whoever Ricky may hug for comfort that night when it was supposed to be him who brushed Ricky's hair out of his face and wiped the ruined remnants of his makeup.

Gyuvin didn’t know what to do.

“Stop giving me false hope. It hurts much more,” Ricky said, voice about to crack as he left their place.

For the first few times, they were truly out of sync.

So… Yeah. Never, ever, again.

Gyuvin had asked his trusted friends for advice when he realized he was in love with Ricky as a result of the cold war.

“You flirt like an elementary school boy,” Gunwook pointed out. As if that explained anything.

And it looked like it made sense to everyone else in the room as they nodded. Yujin raised his hand as if he was in class. “Gunwook-hyung is right. You’re always like ‘Ohhh I’m taller than Ricky. Ricky needs to grow heh, Ricky is so tiny, hehe. Wow, your hands are so small, let’s compare hands. Look at how big my hands are. Hehe, haha,’” Yujin added.

Not his own son doing this to him. No respect for his father at all, after all of those years of raising him.

“See? I was experiencing second-hand embarrassment, and you want me to sympathize with you?” Gunwook did not look impressed.

“Like you’re any better?” exclaimed Gyuvin. “I saw you comparing hand sizes with—”

Gunwook slammed the textbooks he was holding onto the desk and gave him a look. Damn! Gyuvin made a zipped mouth gesture, putting his hands up in a defeated manner, I’ll stop talking, okay!

Hanbin, who had been listening, piped in like a true peacemaker. “I think it's wonderful that you realized you like Ricky. You two have always been attached at the hip ever since you met.”

That was true. Whenever someone searched for Ricky, they asked where Gyuvin was, and when they wanted to find Gyuvin, they looked for Ricky. They came as a set; Ricky and Gyuvin, Gyuvin and Ricky.

“Also, didn’t Ricky buy you a wedding ring on your birthday a year ago? I thought you were already locked in,” said Gunwook.

“It wasn’t a wedding ring.”

“Sure. It definitely is your ‘I miss Ricky so much’ separation anxiety ring though. ‘Cause why were you wearing the ring when Ricky went back to Shanghai when he clearly said he would be back the next day?”

“Maybe I just really like the ring.” Everyone gave him a pointed look. It was a weak attempt at defending himself and Gyuvin knew it too.

“Obviously, since Ricky gave it to you.” Gunwook turned to the others, eyes widened in disbelief. “No wonder why you and Ricky never confessed. You two were too busy with other things like being idiots, and the last ones to know about your own relationship.”

“Trust me, I’m sure— no, we all are sure Ricky returns your feelings,” Hanbin affirmed, rubbing circles against Gyuvin’s back. “It's time to end this chase of cat and mouse, hmm?”

Hanbin was right. They were all right. He needed to find Ricky, apologize for everything, and confess his love. Long story short: they argued, kissed, and made up. From that moment on, Gyuvin and Ricky started dating, which was why Gyuvin was in this situation now.

“Ricky, I’m home,” Gyuvin announced, kicking his shoes off, one arm on the wall for support. The place was oddly quiet. For a second, he considered that maybe Ricky had gone out. Ricky had been hanging out with Hanbin, mentioning that Hanbin was funnier than he initially thought. In other words, cat bonding. One thing about Ricky was that he matched his energy with other people once he was comfortable with them. However, Ricky’s indoor slippers were not on the shoe mat, indicating he was inside.

It was now Gyuvin’s duty to check for Ricky. His exam today was frustratingly long, he missed his handsome and pretty boyfriend. He needed to recharge his Ricky battery.

Ever since they became boyfriends, they cuddled together as they slept. Before they officially started dating, they were best friends who happened to be roommates. There were two bedrooms, yet they slept in each other’s rooms all the time. When Ricky was gone or when they were fighting, Gyuvin lay on Ricky’s bed, missing him. The lingering heavy, woody notes from Ricky’s perfume and his expensive strawberry shampoo were almost enough for Gyuvin to pretend that Ricky was in his arms.

When he desperately missed him, Gyuvin liked to wear Ricky’s clothes. His favorite was the blue jacket. He liked to use Ricky’s long black trench coat as a blanket sometimes too, napping peacefully like a newborn. The smell of Ricky easily lulled him to sleep.

As Gyuvin was about to knock and open the door, he noticed the door was already unlocked, partly ajar that incoming guests from the door wouldn't be able to tell but enough for anyone nearby to peek in and see Ricky’s bed. Just as Gyuvin expected, Ricky was in his room.

What he was not expecting, however, was a half-naked Ricky, face into his pillows, ass up with a finger inside himself, short shorts stuck by his knees. The sight alone had Gyuvin cursing, his dick already twitching in interest.

Although they were boyfriends, Gyuvin didn’t want to invade Ricky’s privacy so he ran off like a guilty man caught red-handed for something he shouldn’t have seen, and as quietly as one can be when they accidentally catch their partner masturbating, he rushed to locate his noise-canceling earbuds in his cluttered room.

This wasn’t exactly the first time this had happened. They were two healthy young adult males living together. The first time Gyuvin jerked off in their place, he didn’t realize how thin the walls were. He was met with a cherry red-faced Ricky the next day, informing him in a roundabout way how he could hear Gyuvin chatting with his friends as he played games. He never even touched the PC that day.

Gyuvin, in a panic, unlocked his phone in hopes of finding something to distract himself with so he didn’t hear anything but unfortunately, his phone didn’t have data. sh*t, sh*t, sh*t. Why was the Wi-Fi failing him right now as well?

He was too slow.

Muffled moans across the room could be heard. The lewd sounds were the only thing he could focus on. Palming his aching co*ck, he tried to stop his erection but with each increasing moan from Ricky, Gyuvin further crumbled. His pulse in his throat was kicking up and he was sure his heart was going to burst out of his chest.

He attempted to think about sad and unsexy thoughts. Dogs dying, his grandma, baseball, basketball, Ricky playing basketball, Ricky who was in the other room…

…and Ricky who had his fingers deep inside, jacking himself off.

“Ah, please, please,” Ricky panted desperately, interrupting him out of his thoughts. “Gyuvin,” he gasped out like a piano note as it crescendoed into a forte. Gyuvin stilled, a lump stuck in his throat. Shame spread to his body all over, but the heat pooling near his stomach was much worse, almost as if Ricky was tempting him right now. Ricky continued to whine, whimpering his name in his sweet, sultry voice.

Gyuvin didn’t know if he got harder because he felt like he was caught, or because he was the one Ricky was fantasizing about. He felt lightheaded, wobbly, and disjointed. He was going to lose balance and float around in the heaven that Ricky created only for himself and Gyuvin was a trespasser in this garden of eden.

f*ck it. He shoved his hands into his pants and freed his throbbing co*ck. His hard-on wouldn’t be dying down anytime soon.

He imagined replacing Ricky's fingers with his own. His fingers were bigger and thicker. He could reach places deeper than Ricky could. He wanted to spread Ricky’s ass, to see his empty hole clenching over nothing, waiting in anticipation for Gyuvin’s co*ck. Gyuvin would take it slow, teasing him with his fingers and his mouth, f*cking Ricky with his tongue until Ricky came from it alone.

How does Ricky look when he c*ms, he wondered.

Would he cry tears from the pleasure? Would he attempt to stay composed, hiding his face when he climaxed? Would he scream or would he go quiet? Would he shake all over, trembling at each second, or would he still, letting it all out?

In his fantasies, Gyuvin couldn’t decide how he wanted to enter Ricky. There were too many to count. He wanted to take his time, to savor, and to love. Loving was what he did best. Like everything Ricky related, he would devote his energy, his lifetime, to have Ricky writhing in ecstasy under him.

Ricky hardly needed to plead to acquire what he wanted from Gyuvin, the younger one was always ready to do everything. Hearing Ricky begging so sweetly and needy in his honeyed voice did unspeakable things to him.

In another fantasy, he wanted to be rough. He wanted Ricky to cry but Gyuvin didn’t want him crying unless it was from pleasure from him and him only. He wanted tears to stain his cheeks, his makeup ruined as Gyuvin f*cked him. He craved to see Ricky pliant and broken, split apart on his co*ck.

In the end, they would go for another round. Ricky used to complain about how his former partners lacked stamina. Gyuvin would make sure every second with Ricky blew his mind, leaving Ricky craving more.

Jacking himself off without making any sound was hard, in more than one way, Gyuvin quickly realized. He could get caught. Masturbating was one thing, but doing it to another person without them knowing was something else. If he was thinking with his brain, he would stop. Right now, he was thinking with his dick.

Ricky’s low whines were now replaced with high-pitched moans, “Gyuvin, Gyuvin, Gyuvin.” The man in question let out an involuntary moan, rapidly stroking harder to reach his climax. His hands felt like they were moving on their own without permission. He wished Ricky was here with him. Hands, mouth, or ass, Gyuvin wanted Ricky on him.

“Ricky—” He gasped out, trying to cut himself off but it was too late, the sound harsh on his ears in the empty room. He could only hope that Ricky didn't hear him, too occupied with f*cking himself faster. The noises from Ricky became hasty and hurried.

Ricky’s whimpers echoed through the thin walls, “Faster, harder, please.” More and more wonton sounds spilled out with the vulgar noises created. “Gonna cum, Gyuvin. Please, inside me.” He begged and Gyuvin imagined him clutching the sheets, lost in his fantasy. Gyuvin should be there making Ricky’s fantasies come true. As if he was talking to him, Ricky said, “You can cum now, please.”

Digging into his sensitive slit, Gyuvin finally came, moaning Ricky’s name before biting down on his lips to shut himself up. He was unquestionably going to be caught if he hadn't already been yet. He whined through his release, eyes shut from the pleasure. From the other side, Ricky gave another high-pitched moan as he shouted, “Gyuvin, I’m cumming.”

Slowly, the sounds died down, though Gyuvin could still hear sharp inhales and exhales from the other side. Gyuvin’s hand and the floor were sullied and regret instantly kicked in. He needed to clean up the mess immediately. If Ricky entered his room, his cover would be blown. The sound of a door creaking followed by footsteps alerted Gyuvin to halt everything he was doing as he held his breath.

After waiting a socially acceptable amount of time, Gyuvin poked his head out of his door, scanning the hallways. No Ricky in sight. Tip-toeing, he did everything in his power to not breathe, internally cringing when the door screeched. Ricky's door was closed, lights off, most likely asleep tired from physical activity. Jerking it out was a tiring and hard sport. Literally, ha.

“Time to take a shower.” He sighed in relief, whistling a tune as he headed toward the bathroom. He pranced as he passed the TV, the couch, Ricky, the bookshelf, the paintings, and the windows. Wait, hold up. Don't tell him…

In the middle of the halls, a single-player game of red light green light was hosted.

Stuck in a pose, a few steps away before reaching the finish line, only two or three steps from the bathroom door.

He was too scared to check. His eyes must be playing tricks on him. Curiosity did not kill the cat but the dog. Gyuvin swore he didn't nearly jump when he saw Ricky in the living room. In the living room on the couch, eating the ice cream that Gyuvin had bought, sat the curious cat himself.

Ricky was still wearing the same shorts as before. And yep, another one of Gyuvin’s hoodies. Gyuvin’s favorite blue hoodie. He was starting to see a pattern here: shorts and hoodie in the kitchen. He was going to develop a boner and a phobia every time he stepped into this kitchen. What would he say to a therapist? Oh no! He was attracted to his attractive boyfriend! What shocking news, nobody, not even a licensed therapist, would have guessed.

Gyuvin sure felt like he was the one caught in an indecent act, an accomplice who was blamed for the fall because the main culprit was able to flip the story around, deceiving others. In reality, Gyuvin was probably the one in trouble here for doing something he should’ve not done. His life would be pretty comedic to him if he wasn’t the one experiencing it.

The world was too fast for Ricky. Everything he did was in a slow, yet controlled manner. He went at this slow pace compared to Gyuvin, who went triple Ricky’s speed. This was all to say that Ricky was a slow eater as well.

Ice cream melted down Ricky's thin, delicate fingers, clinging onto his hand, dripping down. There was cream on the corner of his lips, white staining him. Surely this was illegal. This was straight-up p*rnography.

Ricky licked the melting cream on his wrist, dragging his tongue, making small pleased sounds, seemingly not noticing Gyuvin, “Ah… Mmm, tastes good.” He put two fingers smeared with cream into his mouth, sucking and swirling. The noises were exactly the same sounds he made about fifteen minutes ago.

As Ricky finished whatever the hell he was doing, he was surprised to see Gyuvin.

Sort of.

Actually, the more Gyuvin thought about it, the faker it appeared. Ricky was never the best actor. Despite that, Ricky took advantage of the power he had with charming others, his eyes and aura doing all of the work. “Oh, how was it?” Ricky asked, a stray hint of excitement slipping into his voice.

Gyuvin inhaled sharply, “How was what?”

“Your exam. I know you were so stressed, it must be very hard. I know you have trouble focusing when there’s too much noise. Lots and lots of loud noises.” Rising from the couch, Ricky stretched his arms, leaving Gyuvin compelled to zero onto his waist.

“It was…” Gyuvin licked his lips, “Fine. The exam was fine, all good.”

It was the most stressful exam in the entire world. He couldn't wait to flop onto his bed and knock out. His computer almost died from the lack of battery and now he felt like he was back at the testing center where if he answered Ricky's question wrong, his screen would flash censored explicit photos of Ricky to torture him. Gyuvin was worrying about the wrong things during his exam. Blue screen of death, more like blue balls of death.

Gyuvin was entirely at Ricky's mercy.

Ricky peered at him like it was deer hunting season. Hunting season was centered around the rut, wasn’t it? Gyuvin was roaming the place in daylight, easy to spot and straight into danger. All because he was too horny to think properly. Ricky could successfully score the kill. He could eat Gyuvin alive.

Ricky must have taken pity on him because he yawned. “I'm tired. When you're done with your shower, I will be in my room, so come to bed, okay?”

The bed that Ricky… Gyuvin will combust. “Mm, ‘kay.” Ricky turned around, swaying his hips to his bedroom. Gyuvin swallowed.

Right. Shower. He was going to blast the shower water up and hope the sound would be loud enough to cover up what he was about to do. That was the perfect time to confess what he saw, what he heard, and what he did but it was a tough world. Gyuvin needed a drink right now, and he didn't even drink!

For the first time this week, Ricky wasn't wearing his booty shorts.


That should be a red warning flag in itself, but Gyuvin will take the win of not having to lose his mind every time Ricky was near, which wasn't any different compared to any other day, really, but worse for his sanity.

Instead, Ricky was dressed in that expensive black and white striped shirt that Gyuvin had picked out, the one that became one of Ricky’s favorites without hesitation. He was looking at his reflection in the mirror, fixing his perfectly ironed clothes, a daily view that Gyuvin was used to. The shirt accentuated his broad shoulders and his tiny waist. Gyuvin always admired his wide shoulders and how they complimented the rest of his delicate figure. He had that androgynous charm, sharp and soft in all of the right places.

Once Ricky noticed Gyuvin staring through the mirror he turned around, grabbed the lipstick on the counter, and walked towards where Gyuvin sat. The lights on the makeup mirror attached to the vanity behind Gyuvin shined on Ricky.

He sat himself on Gyuvin's lap, a throne home to him and only him.

“Gyuvin, can you help me?” He pressed the tube of lipstick to Gyuvin's chest, all pretty and coy.

“No, don't wanna.” Gyuvin was playing around when he declined Ricky. They liked to play around like this, bantering endlessly as they played a game of chase. Ricky made a sad, disappointed sound, pouting as he glanced downwards at Gyuvin’s lips. Now Gyuvin was looking at Ricky's lips too, all pink and plump. Kissable. Very kissable.

“But I want you to help me.” He held his gaze, fluttering his eyes, but Gyuvin was stronger than that. He will be stronger than that. Contrary to belief, he did not always fall victim to Ricky’s every whim. He did not. He didn’t, okay?

Gyuvin didn’t comply but Ricky was unbothered. It was the usual script to their dynamics, their default, their nature. Taking the lipstick, he uncapped it and twisted the tube, revealing the shiny pink pigment. “Hold still, close your eyes.” He waited for Gyuvin to listen. Knowing that Ricky wouldn't budge unless he followed his orders, he closed his eyes.

The fruity scent from the lipstick was strong. The creamy texture glided across his lips. He peeked to see Ricky concentrating and instantly closed them again when he got caught by Ricky's siren eyes. Once Ricky was satisfied he leaned back to admire his work, telling Gyuvin to open his eyes. He was an artist checking for any missing touches in his masterpiece.

“What does it taste like?” Ricky asked. Curious, Gyuvin licked one of the corners of his mouth.

“Strawberry. A little bit of vanilla too.”

“Is that so?” Ricky hummed, checking the lipstick in his hand and rotating it around. “The package mentioned that although it's a bit glossier than matte lipsticks, it doesn’t smear.”

Gyuvin's heart started beating exceedingly fast against his ribcage. His subconscious picked up the signals faster than Gyuvin’s lagging brain. His fight-or-flight instinct kicked in. “Oh. Yeah. That's cool.”

“Should we test it out?” Ricky asked but didn’t wait for an answer, closing the distance with gentle lips against Gyuvin's. Ricky's lips were so, so, so soft. He moisturized them daily, taking good care of them with his lip balm and lip sleeping masks. Though Gyuvin was sure that even if Ricky didn't care for it, he would look and taste just as good.

The kiss was slow and sensual, it was a challenge not to get lost in it. Gyuvin’s hands found a home on Ricky’s waist, gripping and drawing them closer to each other. He was intoxicated, brain fogging, desperately clutching Ricky to keep his composure. He wanted, no— needed Ricky.

Gyuvin never wanted the kiss to end, prepared to give up air and exchange it for Ricky.

Ricky pulled away, breaking their kiss, lips glossy and wet, glistening from both the lipstick and saliva. His lips were messy and Gyuvin wanted to taste them again, to close that distance.

“Hm, that's a shame,” said Ricky, a little bit breathless. They both got too worked up, too distracted from the pleasure. “The lipstick got smeared. That's not good. They should double-check.”

Gyuvin could care less about some lipstick's credibility. All he cared about right now was that if Ricky didn't put his lips on his in the next second, he would lose it.

He was about to send his complaints but decided against it when Ricky looked at him, slowly blinking, his lips red from the kissing. Ricky made this certain face when he was fond, a little awestruck and full of wonder as if he couldn’t believe it was real. Gyuvin knew this look. He saw his reflection in Ricky’s eyes all the time, he didn’t need to be a genius to know it was the same one he gave Ricky.

“Qubing, you're so pretty, how did I end up with such a pretty boyfriend?”

Gyuvin wanted to say the same but he was interrupted. He snapped his attention downwards to Ricky's hips grinding down on him. Ricky created a steady rhythm, small circular movements barely touching him, yet still stung the same.

“My pretty Gyuvin.”

“You’re the pretty one,” Gyuvin whispered, already feeling dazed, lost in pleasure from Ricky's teasing.

Ricky leaned towards Gyuvin, arms wrapped around his shoulders. It was Ricky’s favorite thing to do in private. He took his phone from the table and opened the camera behind Gyuvin’s head to check himself although there was a big mirror in front of them. A shudder sound came from the phone and then Ricky placed the phone back on the desk.

“My makeup is ruined. Can you help me?” Ricky leaned back, his signature cross earring dangling next to his tattoo. He tilted his head to the side, intentionally exposing the side of his tattooed neck. Gyuvin wanted to bite and mark it up until it turned purple.

“No, don't wanna,” Gyuvin repeated shakily. This was a battle he could not lose because when he does lose, he will be captured with no escape.

“Since you don't want to help with mine, let me continue doing your makeup.” He grabbed a thin eyeliner pen from the makeup vanity.

To apply the eyeliner, Gyuvin thought Ricky would stop grinding on him, allowing him to catch his breath and calm his problem down. To some extent, his wish came true because Ricky did momentarily stop rolling his hips but in exchange, Ricky had put more pleasure on his co*ck with his ass.

He grabbed Gyuvin’s chin to hold his face and applied it in a practiced methodical manner on his parted lips. “Good,” he said and the teasing motions returned.

A minute passed but if someone told him that it had been an hour or the world was ending, Gyuvin would not know nor care when he had the prettiest person on his lap. Gyuvin couldn't tell time in a space where they were the only two in the world. Time didn’t matter.

Ricky continued to rub down, grazing Gyuvin's co*ck every other cycle. The fiction wasn't enough for him and he wanted to buck up his hips but he knew he shouldn’t. He focused on avoiding doing exactly that, biting his lips in concentration. Nothing will happen if he doesn't move his hips.

He was so focused that he accidentally did just that, bucking involuntarily when fingers traced his ears, and Ricky stopped. A choked whimper left Gyuvin’s mouth the same way a singer accidentally sang a wrong note.

“I told you to hold still. Did you forget?”

“Sorry, I'll behave.” Ricky smiled, all feline-like, playing with Gyuvin’s hair.

“Good. You're behaving so well for me, right?” Gyuvin nodded. For Ricky, he would be good. “If you help fix my makeup, I'll reward you. Can you do that for me?”

Ricky handed him the lipstick. Gyuvin cursed, taking the stupid lipstick. He put all of his frustration into the tube as he lightly held Ricky's chin yet roughly pressed the lipstick onto his already swollen kissed lips. Gyuvin painted it pink, erasing the traces of evidence from their make out session.

He should just kiss the lipstick away again.

“There. Done.” Gyuvin choked out, voice hardly there. To get all of the product, Ricky smacked his lips together and stared at the big makeup mirror as opposed to his phone like before.

Leaning to his ears, Ricky whispered, “Thank you, oppa.”

Gyuvin froze all over, excluding his traitorous dick that reacted. The flush creeping across Ricky’s cheeks betrayed his facade, yet he didn't back down. If Gyuvin could think straight, he would tease the other but the damage was already done. Gyuvin can’t even tease him. No thoughts, dick hard.

“Ricky,” he begged.

If Gyuvin could go back in time, he would warn and berate himself. He had made too many jokes calling himself oppa. It wasn’t helping his case when he constantly requested Ricky to call him oppa when Ricky wanted something from him as a form of punishment. He skipped away happily each time thinking he had the upper hand. He should have known that one day it would be used against him. Whoever was watching him must think this was funny, amusing, hilarious.

It was the finale of Ricky's show, starring Ricky and Gyuvin, directed solely by Ricky himself. He gave a peck to the younger boy’s cheek before rapidly getting off of Gyuvin, leaving him uncomfortably hard. “See you later Gyuvin.” He gave a tiny wave, snatched his YSL bag with his phone, and bolted out of their room.

Gyuvin didn’t care if he was being dramatic but he wanted to die.

Ricky poked his head back for one last time. “Love you,” Ricky said, amused as he did that cute little thing where he shut his eyes simultaneously as he blew a kiss before he closed the door. With an arm over his face, Gyuvin let out a strangled groan. He was once again unwillingly forced into a situation he did not sign up for.

Minutes later, a ding came from Gyuvin's phone. He needed a distraction so he clicked on it before he registered his mistake. His fingers were cursed.

my rick 🍓



for you, your reward 😘

i hope you enjoyed listening to the show last time

i enjoyed yours too

Gyuvin almost dropped his phone on his toe.

The first photo was captured a few minutes ago when Ricky was on his lap, a mirror selfie of them. Only Gyuvin’s back could be seen and half of Ricky’s face was blocked by his phone. The other half, he gazed at the camera, intense yet balanced by the flirty quirk of his lips.

The second photo: a nude.

The photo was faceless but Gyuvin could recognize that body anywhere. Ricky wore Gyuvin's shirt, the same one when Gyuvin accidentally witnessed Ricky fingering himself. His dainty waist was slightly angled, his co*ck against his stomach. Even with a nude, the composition of the photo was nice which was expected from Ricky. It would fit perfectly on Ricky’s social media feed but that wasn’t the important part.

Ricky knew.

He knew Gyuvin heard him. He knew and proceeded to finger himself, being as loud as possible like no one was listening. He heard Gyuvin and purposely moaned his name, crying out every filthy thing he could.

“Kim Ricky…” He threw himself onto his bed like a starfish, kicked his feet, rubbed his temples, and ruffled his hair until it was disheveled. Ricky was targeting him. Relationship ended with Ricky. His hand was regretfully now his best friend.

Ricky was back to wearing those tiny shorts. There had been an increase in them, each one shorter than the next. Gyuvin knew it by heart since he had been staring at Ricky’s ass each day that he could probably calculate how much shorter each one was compared to the last. Now Ricky had at least ten of them.

Speak of the devil. In the corner of his eye, the devil in disguise in those short shorts appeared in the bedroom and wandered around while Gyuvin worked on his report with his glasses on as the blue light from the laptop screen blinded him. Gyuvin attempted to be a good citizen in society by focusing on his work.

“Qubing.” Gyuvin hummed in response, letting him know he was listening as he picked up his water bottle to drink. “Have you seen my red panties?” Gyuvin choked on his water. He was listening, alright. He whipped his chair around, almost tripping. First of all, they sorted their laundry together a few days ago so everything should be where they are supposed to be. He faced Ricky, who was standing still with his back turned to Gyuvin.

He was going to have a heart attack and die young. He was experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, and lightheadedness. “N-No, I haven’t,” spluttered Gyuvin, face burning.

Paying Gyuvin no mind, Ricky commented, “Oh, I found them.” Magically, the red panties were in his hands. Then out of a bad p*rno, Ricky slipped the tiny shorts he was wearing off, dropping them onto the floor, leaving Gyuvin to gawk at his boyfriend like a pervert.

Ricky was not wearing anything underneath.

f*ck. This was driving Gyuvin crazy. What if all of those times, Ricky wasn’t wearing anything too?

Ricky bent down, slipping one of his legs into the red panties, tormentingly too slow for a normal person putting their garments on, as if he was making a show out of it. Maybe he was with the way he cheekily grinned when their eyes met.

“Do you want me to help you?” Ricky stepped closer until Gyuvin had to tilt his head up to look at him.

“Huh?” Gyuvin said eloquently.

Ricky sank to his knees. He seated himself between Gyuvin’s legs and glanced at his obvious bulge. He raised his perfectly shaped eyebrows on that pretty face of his. “Can I blow you?”

Gyuvin would allow Ricky to do anything he wanted. He wanted Ricky to do whatever he wanted. There was only one thing Gyuvin wanted to do and it was to follow Ricky until the end of time, granting him every wish. He nodded eagerly and cleared his throat, “Yes, of course, f*ck, you don’t even need to ask.” Ricky only laughed, unzipping his trousers.

This was the first time in their relationship dealing with blowj*bs. Gyuvin’s chest bubbled with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. He had countless wet dreams starring Ricky and his lips. Such a small mouth that he couldn't help but wonder how much Ricky could fit inside his mouth. Everything about Ricky was delicate, he wanted to ruin him until all Ricky could think about was Gyuvin.

Gyuvin cupped Ricky’s cheeks as he nuzzled into his palm, calming both of them down. Ricky kissed the inner side of Gyuvin’s thigh, nuzzling again there, and he inhaled the scent of musk. He closed his eyes, a peaceful and content expression appearing, and his body relaxed. Gyuvin could not decide if he wanted to wreck that face right now or not.

Opening his eyes, Ricky spit into his hands and wrapped them around Gyuvin’s co*ck, stroking it up and down as he watched Gyuvin. His co*ck throbbed, precum already pitifully drizzling down. Gyuvin’s heavy breathing faintly fogged up his glasses. He was about to take it off, but Ricky stopped him. “Keep them on.”

Gyuvin laughed, “I forgot you like me in glasses.” The small, light kiss Ricky gave on the tip of his co*ckhead caused Gyuvin to jerk his hips, muttering, “f*ck, Ricky, please.” Ricky wet his lips as he stared at his dick, hungry, tongue poking out.

With his small mouth, Ricky gave kittenish licks on the head like a cat drinking milk, experimenting with the taste. His face and the way he licked were the same when he was enjoying his snacks. Ricky flattened his tongue, licking long stripes up his co*ck from the base to the tip. He focused on one of the veins, licking and sealing it with a kiss. He fondled his balls, blindsiding Gyuvin, forgetting how responsive he was there.

When Ricky was satisfied with licking the sides, he swirled his tongue on the slit, triggering Gyuvin to hiss at the sensitivity. “Ricky, don’t tease.” He grunted, throwing his head back.

Grabbing Gyuvin’s hand, Ricky directed his hand onto his head, “I like it when my hair is pulled.” That was the only warning Gyuvin received before Ricky put him in his mouth.

Hollowing his cheeks, Ricky relaxed his throat before he bobbed his head up and down. Using his hands, he stroked the remaining parts of Gyuvin’s girthy co*ck, making up for what his mouth couldn't take. The vibrations of Ricky’s moans intensified the sensations on his co*ck. Each noise and vibration made Gyuvin want to cry.

He gripped Ricky's hair hard for some grounding. Ricky’s mouth was blazing hot. The deep tingly ache of arousal within Gyuvin had him gritting his teeth, not able to form any coherent thoughts.

Ricky was hard too, red panties dirtied by his own wetness. The fact that Ricky was turned on, sticky with precum from giving Gyuvin head made stars spin in Gyuvin's mind. Ricky pulled off, spitting saliva and precum onto Gyuvin’s co*ck, producing a loud obscene sound. His hands continued stroking as he locked eyes with Gyuvin, the movements easy with the bodily fluids.

Gyuvin traced Ricky’s newly puffy lips with his thumb in a daze from the side to his cupid's bow and his lower lip as Ricky parted his mouth, licking and nipping at his thumb. Each day Ricky proved him right; no fantasy could compare to the real thing.

“So pretty,” Gyuvin stated the fact on his tongue. “Your mouth is so small. I used to wonder if I would have to go slow, to train you but you always had a talented mouth.” Gyuvin glided his hand down Ricky’s throat, touching the heart-shaped Adam's apple. Ricky’s eyes dilated in real time with his parted lips.

“How long have you wanted this? Did you imagine this that night? You must have been disappointed when I didn’t join you. You wanted to be discovered, didn’t you?” Gyuvin didn’t wait for answers, not when they both knew Gyuvin wasn’t asking but expressing truths. He shoved two fingers inside Ricky’s mouth and Ricky hungrily sucked. The soft flesh of Ricky's tongue was warm and wet. “Look at you, you could come untouched like this.”

Although Ricky had plump lips, especially noticeable and irresistible when he accentuated them by overdrawing them, his mouth itself was small. As his fingers were in Ricky's mouth, drool spilled out, dripping down his chin and down Gyuvin's hand.

Gyuvin understood that in the bigger picture of things, they weren’t too much different in height and build but the slight differences were remarkably enough to send them both over the edge. As much as Ricky liked to pretend that he wasn’t into it, Gyuvin had him figured out: one of their shared weaknesses was their hands.

It had been undoubtedly clear when Gyuvin had said Ricky’s hands were small and pretty like a girl’s in the middle of a mindless conversation. They were studying in their seats or something; Gyuvin doesn’t remember but he did remember Ricky giving him a revolting squint-eyed look, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Gyuvin had scooted closer to him, “Watch.” He was the world's number one magician as he put his hand against Ricky’s. “My hands are bigger than yours.”


“It's cute. Your hands are perfect. You fit right in my hands, so small I could crush you.” Like clockwork, Ricky parted his lips and his eyes widened in newfound realization. Since then, he has milked this knowledge and will exploit it again and again for eternity.

Focusing on the view in front of him, Ricky was obedient, still stuffed with fingers in his mouth. Ricky was perfect. Gyuvin was sure Ricky couldn’t live without something in his mouth for more than ten minutes. When Gyuvin fully brought his attention back to the present, Ricky began to make a show with his glossed-over eyes, letting the spit trail down and treating his fingers like how he had with his co*ck.

Having had enough of this show since Gyuvin needed that mouth on his co*ck again, he removed his wet fingers, directing Ricky’s head back to his length. “Suck.”

Ricky licked his lips. As he went down, Ricky was gagging for it, his small, exhausted mouth couldn’t fit all of Gyuvin’s co*ck. He drooled, saliva pooling around his co*ck, eyes tearing up all messy and pretty. Gyuvin wanted him to cry, wanted to f*ck Ricky’s mouth and see how much he could take before he fell apart.

The overwhelming desire to buck his hips almost clouded his head. Always one to act on his thoughts, always honest with Ricky, he asked, “Can I f*ck your mouth? I promise I’ll make it good.” Ricky tried to nod but it was difficult to do so when his mouth was full of co*ck. Gyuvin tugged his hair, “Kim Ricky, answer.”

“Yes,” he rasped out, no louder than a whisper with his reddened lips and ruined voice. His hoarse voice sent shivers to Gyuvin, causing him to groan, blood heading south. “Yes, you can.”

Gyuvin rubbed his co*ck over Ricky’s lips, enjoying how desperate Ricky needed him in his mouth again. He slipped into his ready mouth and immediately Ricky moaned. He choked out a whimper as Gyuvin shoved inside and hit the back of his throat. Gyuvin was uncertain if he was going too fast or too harsh and was about to pull out to check but Ricky gripped his thighs, locking him in place. Taking the hint, he urgently f*cked Ricky’s mouth mercilessly.

Eyelashes clumping with tears, Ricky’s throat spasmed around his co*ck. He breathed through his nose, relaxing to not trigger his gag reflex as more drool leaked out, the messiest he had ever been. Heat heavily pooled in Gyuvin’s gut and his mind was hazy yet all of his senses were acute. The growing tension in his abdomen. “I'm gonna cum. sh*t, can I cum on your face?”

Gyuvin stopped f*cking Ricky’s mouth, giving the control back to Ricky. Languidly, Ricky gave his co*ck another suck and lick before finally pulling out. He opened that pretty little mouth of his and fluttered his eyes. He looked through his lashes, waiting patiently on his knees. Ricky looked the best whenever he needed to look up, a little reminder of why Gyuvin was thankful for their height difference, no matter how small it may be.

Taking his cue, Gyuvin wrapped his hand around himself and started stroking desperately, putting as much pressure as he could. Ricky stroked his own co*ck in his panties, matching Gyuvin with his strokes.

Gyuvin could tell Ricky was debating something in his head for a few seconds, eyes scanning in thought. Ricky licked his lips, now eyes full of determination. He purred, “You're doing so good.” With one last push, Ricky pleaded, “Want you on me, oppa.”

Gyuvin jolted, body tensing up as his org*sm was ripped from him the moment his brain short-circuited. His cum spilled over Ricky’s face. He felt shockwaves as he came, eyelids fluttering, trying his best not to squeeze his eyes shut as the hot pleasure overtook him. He couldn’t feel his body even if he moved. He wanted to see Ricky’s face. With Ricky’s tongue out, he was able to catch some of the cum.

Suddenly, Gyuvin was reminded of the scene earlier of Ricky licking ice cream. A rush of possessiveness surged through him, the image of Ricky’s face covered with his cum was alluring. He couldn’t keep his eyes off. If he had his phone right now, he would gladly take a photo or two, favorite it, and store it in a private album. If Gyuvin could, he was sure he could cum again from the sight alone.

Ricky grabbed the tissues near the bedroom desk to wipe his face, breaking Gyuvin from his post-nut haze to help his partner. “Here, let me clean you up.” Gyuvin clumsily took the tissue, still recovering. Ricky closed his eyes, presenting his face, and with gentle wipes, Gyuvin made sure Ricky was spotless. Every time Gyuvin saw Ricky’s face, he wanted to praise his beauty and wax poetry. He was thankful for being the only one to see this side of Ricky for the rest of their lives.

Gyuvin removed his foggy glasses that had partly slipped, setting them aside before jumping back to kiss Ricky, causing the other to let out a small gasp as he tasted the slight salty leftover of himself on Ricky’s lips. He brushed their lips together again, going in for another kiss. “You drive me crazy, Kim Ricky.”

Ricky hummed. “Was I good?” Gyuvin flashed his usual toothy grin at the question. His boyfriend was so cute, always wanting praise.

“The best, you're perfect.”

Ricky hasn’t come yet. The shape of his arousal was clear in those panties. Instinctively, Gyuvin traded places with Ricky, pressing the other into the chair faster than Ricky could comprehend. He declared like a knight serving royalty, “I’m gonna blow you.”

“G-Go ahead,” he stammered, a bit startled from the quick turn of events. Wasting no time, Gyuvin slid the panties off, instantly forgotten and lost on the floor like that short-shorts, and he wrapped his hands on Ricky’s length after spitting on his hand. He sucked hickeys on Ricky's thighs, leaving his mark so that when tomorrow came, there would be no need to ask himself if it was a dream or not.

Traveling his mouth to the tip of Ricky's co*ck, he swallowed as Ricky spread his legs wider like an invitation. Craving to know every single thing about Ricky, he played around, testing every movement to see which made Ricky the most impatient and itching for more. Gradually, Gyuvin found a steady rhythm, lapping at the precum with joy.

He drank up every sound Ricky produced, indulging in delight. He sucked Ricky like he had something to prove. In fact, he did. He needed to show how good he could be, eager to give Ricky everything he wanted and deserved. He wanted to memorize every little detail and store it for later: the scrunch of Ricky’s nose, the quivering of his lips, and the erratic rise in his chest as he breathed out.

“I’m going to cum,” Ricky hastily said out of breath, weakly pulling at Gyuvin’s hair. “Get off, Gyuvin.” Instead, Gyuvin quickened his speed, vigorously bobbing his head. He was a goal-oriented individual and he was not leaving his room until a part of Ricky was inside of him. He needed Ricky, wanting to taste him by all possible means. This was a way to finally fulfill his longing to be one with Ricky.

Gyuvin curiously brushed a finger against Ricky’s rim and in a flash, Ricky came with a surprised shout, warm cum hitting the back of Gyuvin’s throat. Ricky’s eyes were clamped shut as he rode his org*sm out, hand in his hair while using Gyuvin’s mouth to ease himself. Gyuvin wouldn’t mind letting Ricky stay inside his mouth forever. They wouldn’t need to do anything, content with being with Ricky.

Ricky pulled out of his mouth and scrambled to find the tissues, positioning it under Gyuvin’s lips, “Spit it out.” Instead, like the troublesome and mischievous dog he was, Gyuvin tilted his head back and swallowed, relishing the taste. He grinned at Ricky, feeling accomplished, and wore his smile with pride.

“Kim Gyuvin!”

Ricky tasted sweeter than him. “Did you add pineapple to your diet or something? Or is it more delicious because it’s you?” Ricky only pretended to punch him in lieu of an answer as Gyuvin tried to block him. Along the way, they ended up pretending to wrestle until they almost tripped, holding onto each other’s arms, giggling like fools.

“So what do you want for dinner today?” Ricky casually asked, bending down to pick up the panties on the floor that started today’s event. It was the star today, aside from Ricky’s mouth of course.

“I think I already had my meal today,” said Gyuvin, deliberately not dodging the red panties that were hurled at him, launching like a missile. The panties whacked his chest. He picked it up, brought it to his nose, and sniffed the panties just to mess with his boyfriend. “Smells good.”

Ricky simply blinked, tired of Gyuvin's antics. After putting his shorts on, Ricky exited out of the door, leaving the panties altogether and Gyuvin barked out a laugh, following him like a dog on a leash. “I want chicken for dinner! Don’t enter the shower without me. Kim Rick, did you hear what I said?”

When Gyuvin caught up with Ricky, the other gave him a pointed look, trying to send a message. Unfortunately, message unsuccessful: cuteness overload. What a cute angry cat. Gyuvin was more of a dog person, but he would be lying if he said he had not brought some cat plushies all because they reminded him of his lovely cat-like boyfriend.

When in love, everything reminded him of Ricky. Every time he saw some funny and cute pictures of a deer and cat cuddling, the first thing he did was send it to Ricky, commenting, that’s us! :D

Right now, he felt like a deer trying to lick the salt off his cat companion’s fur to keep the cat clean, but the cat won’t stop running away, rejecting the social bonding and affection. In animals, helping with personal grooming was the love language of all species and he was no stranger to it. “Let’s take a shower together. Save money on that water bill.”

“You cannot be trusted, and your showers are too short.”

“Your showers are too long,” he complained back.

“Go order food.” Ricky shooed him out, locking the door. In a haste, he had forgotten to bring his towel and a set of clothes. Like the good boyfriend Gyuvin was, he went to fetch them and waited by the door, listening to Ricky faintly singing in the shower as he scrolled through options for dinner on his phone. He entered Ricky's credit card number once he was done ordering.

The flowing sounds of water stopped to signal that Ricky finished his shower, Gyuvin straightened his posture holding the items in his hands with the behavior of a butler serving a young master of a rich family. Ricky stepped out naked, drenched with droplets of water descending onto the hard slippery floor, nearly crashing into Gyuvin.

The strawberry shampoo, conditioner, and body wash he frequently used were the most fragrant in this fresh state. The sweet fruity scent had hints of roses and lavender, transporting him back to their first date when they both surprised each other with bouquets.

The water droplets made Ricky’s eyelashes pop and his lips glow and Gyuvin didn’t know where he should focus on. Ricky’s bare face was a gentle, calming sight. “Baby, I’m enjoying the view. Are you trying to seduce me again?” He teased, gently rubbing the towel on Ricky’s wet hair.

For a brief moment, one blink and Gyuvin would have missed it, but Ricky’s eyes widened, too sincere and too guilty to mean nothing. Ricky's face flushed as he snatched the towel and draped it around himself like a damsel in distress before seizing the clothes too. “I’m leaving, I’m going to sleep. Good night.”

Light bulbs flashed inside his head: Ricky had been purposely seducing him the past few weeks. None of it was his imagination or suspicious coincidences. In hindsight, that was obvious but, in his defense, it was hard to think straight. “Hey, Rick, wait, what—” The door slammed. Gyuvin huffed, a grin catching up on his face. Such a silly boyfriend of his. Sue him, he was addicted to seeing an upset but embarrassed Ricky.

“Your food will be on the table! I ordered your favorites. Don’t forget to eat.” He reminded, running his hand through his hair. There was no answer, but the detectable sounds of the blanket shuffling informed him that Ricky was getting up from the bed, clearly hearing him.

Gyuvin stared at the problem in his jeans, disappointed at how easy he was. He wasn’t usually like this. He was going to take another long cold self-reflection shower. The water bill was going to be high this month.

Ricky wanted to go to the gym.

A few months ago, Ricky had mentioned that he wanted to show a different and new side of himself, whatever that meant. Hitting the gym was somehow included in that plan. Before this new hobby, Gyuvin used to playfully tease Ricky to go to the gym with him, using any excuse to hang out with Ricky.

Ricky was Matthew’s gym buddy, or as he used to call it, a victim, and he used to come home complaining about how sore and tired he was. Now he regularly accompanied their friends to the gym, being the first one to suggest it for hangouts.

Last time, Ricky went to a fancy gym with Jiwoong and Matthew. When they arrived back at Ricky and Gyuvin's place, Matthew joked around as he felt Ricky's biceps up in front of Gyuvin before telling Gyuvin about Ricky’s progress. Gyuvin never heard what Matthew was saying because he was lost in thought for a long time thinking about Ricky buffing up.

Ricky was a hard and determined worker so Gyuvin knew if Ricky wanted to, he would. Ricky looked good no matter what. A confident, happy Ricky was the most beautiful version of him and Gyuvin couldn’t be any prouder.

And if Gyuvin drooled a bit every week at the sight of Ricky's broad shoulders and muscles, that was nobody's business but his own.

But that was for another day. Today, Gyuvin sought revenge.

Here was what Gyuvin knew: Ricky liked Gyuvin’s arms. A lot. Ricky often complimented his muscles, feeling his biceps and forearms up with awe. At first when they were only beginning to know each other, Gyuvin thought Ricky was admiring his arms in a friendly way.

The gym was where men complimented each other without shame, nothing special about that. Hao laughed when he heard that and said Ricky was definitely admiring with gay intentions. But of course Hao would think that since everybody and their grandma knew Hao went to the gym to be eye candy or to take thirst traps for his boyfriend.

Since Ricky had a weakness for Gyuvin’s arms, Gyuvin had a plan. They both could play this little game. It wouldn’t end until Gyuvin gave in to Ricky’s game. In Gyuvin’s humble opinion, they both would win no matter what but who doesn’t enjoy some fun? So what if Gyuvin was competitive? Ricky was too.

Which was why they were both at their local gym. True to the past few weeks, Ricky struck into the place with low-waisted gym shorts when he usually wore gym sweatpants. Luckily there were barely any people at the gym during this time because no one should be seeing any part of Ricky for free. Or at all. Whenever Ricky went, eyes glued onto him, and as much as Gyuvin liked to show off, he liked to keep Ricky to himself even more.

It was a good thing Ricky was similar to him. Ricky surprisingly was more of the jealous type than he was so Gyuvin deliberately chose to wear a tightly fitted sleeveless white top that hugged all of the right muscles that had Ricky sneaking glances every time he thought Gyuvin didn’t notice.

In his peripheral vision, Ricky grabbed a yoga mat to do warm-up exercises, nothing too provoking, if Gyuvin ignored the fact that his shirt exposed his stomach each time he stretched his arms and that his shorts rose when he stretched his legs, revealing faded bite marks. At this point, why even bother going to the gym? Why bother wearing clothes? There were clearly other exercises they could do at home.

“You’re not doing it right,” Gyuvin said when Ricky was on all fours, pelvis arched in the middle of his cat-cow stretch.

“Really?” Ricky was doing the stretches completely fine and they both knew this.

Gyuvin got down on his knees next to him. “Relax your muscles. Posture is important, this is one of the foundational poses, I can’t have you doing it wrong. Start in a neutral stance. Inhale and raise your tailbone.” Ricky followed with Gyuvin’s hand pressed firmly on his back. “Exhale and tip your pelvis forward,” Gyuvin instructed, now a hand under Ricky’s stomach, feeling the muscles flex and tense up. “There, that’s perfect.”

Leaning back, Gyuvin watched him repeatedly arch and round his back, staring hard at how the shorts barely left any room for imagination, ass on display. The position was inviting, captivating, and tantalizing. The tiny breaths Ricky made weren’t helping him either.

Subconsciously, Gyuvin bit his lower lip, never tearing his eyes off of Ricky’s body. As Ricky came back to a neutral pose, he finally looked at Gyuvin, strands of hair falling over his face. “I still have a few more stretches to do, you can go or stay, whatever you’d like.”

“I’ll stay.” He said without hesitation. Gyuvin moved from Ricky’s side to behind his legs. “Here, lay down on your back. I’ll stretch you out.” He manhandled Ricky by the waist and pressed him onto the exercise mat, the shirt creasing at the movements. He rubbed circles on the sides of his waist, fingers casually sneaking up to touch the rib tattoo.

With Ricky’s gaze locked on him, he gradually ran his hands down to his thighs to hold them. “Let’s do hamstring stretches.”

“I don’t remember asking for a personal trainer,” said Ricky, body compliant, bending exactly how Gyuvin wanted. Scooting closer to slot himself between Ricky’s legs, Gyuvin put both of his hands on his right leg, straightening it up before extending it upright.

“Came free when you asked me to join you. I’m the most handsome personal trainer you have ever seen.”

“Well, that’s debatable.”

“I don’t think that’s true.” They held the pose for thirty seconds before switching to the other leg. “Look at me, if I was one, men and women would be flocking to hit the gyms. But don’t worry, I only offer personal service for you.”

He flexed one of his arms, and a smug smile emerged when Ricky licked his lips and checked him out. Without notice, Gyuvin bent Ricky’s leg further. “What should our safe word be?”

Gyuvin’s grin grew when Ricky coughed in surprise. “What in the world are you saying? You’re crazy.”

“I need to make sure when I stretch you and when we exercise together that nobody gets hurt. What if you couldn’t handle it? Should we use the traffic light system? Green, yellow, and red, you heard of it before, yeah?”

Gyuvin wondered how they looked. Would people know what was happening here? Could they tell how much Gyuvin wanted Ricky? Did they look good together?

Clearing his mind, Gyuvin repositioned Ricky’s legs back to his starting pose, his legs trapping him inside. “Can you take another?” Gyuvin asked, ready to start another stretch. “Color?”

Ricky inhaled sharply and played along. “Green.”

“Good girl.” He praised, folding the other’s knee. Ricky shuddered at the comment and the small ah! escaping was not discreet. With his leg crossed to the side, Gyuvin counted to thirty before alternating. “You’re doing so good for me.”

After the seconds ended, he released his hold, standing up. He cast a look down again to Ricky who had his eyes closed, a sigh escaped his mouth like he had run a marathon. He muttered Gyuvin’s name, treating it like a profanity. Finally opening his eyes, Gyuvin extended a hand with another toothy smile and Ricky cautiously accepted it as he sprung back up.

“I’m going to the treadmill,” said Ricky about to flee the scene but Gyuvin caught a hold of his wrist. He wondered if Ricky remembered that he had told Gyuvin earlier that he wanted to work on deadlifts today.

“Help me with my sit ups.”

“Why?” Ricky spit out the word like there was a catch.

“This week, I helped you with your makeup and stretches. Can't you help me with this?” Gyuvin sweetly said. “I have a long shift tomorrow and would like to blow off some steam.”

Ricky automatically let down his guard, tense shoulders relaxing. “Okay.” He could be too gullible sometimes. Ricky always softened at these requests when it came to his loved ones. Gyuvin loved his boyfriend so much his tummy hurt from happiness.

“Thank you, you're the best boyfriend in the world. Now, follow me.” Gyuvin walked to an adjustable weight bench and tweaked it into a flat surface. He hooked his feet on the footrest and sat, patting his lap, “Sit.”

Ricky gave a confused look, “I thought sit ups were the ones where we do it on the floor while I hold your feet.”

“Same difference. Sit on me while I do these flat bench sit ups. The extra weight and pressure will help me increase the amount of weight lifted. Progressive overload and all that jazz.” Gyuvin could manhandle Ricky with no sweat if he wanted to but he hoped he was able to convince Ricky.

“You’re not slick.” Aw, man. Busted. “Are you sure you can handle it? Me on top of you? We know how last time went. Do you want me to jog your memory?” Lifting his leg, Ricky seated himself.

“We're in public,” he replied, remembering the makeup incident.

“And?” He said, raising an eyebrow like it was a challenge. Well, wasn’t that an interesting thought? Gyuvin’s imagination went wild. “Do your sit ups. Or do you want me to ask about your color?” He sarcastically asked.

“I'm gonna do a hundred sit ups for a hundred kisses. Pucker those pretty lips of yours and get ready, Kim Ricky.” He crossed his arms behind his head and lay down before lifting himself to meet Ricky face-to-face.

Ricky turned pink in embarrassment. Pink was a good color on him. “You’re shameless.”

“And?” He said, coping Ricky and pursing his lips, waiting for his present.

“Ten kisses only.” Ricky angled his head, leaning down, and gave a featherlight peck. “One. Nine more to go.”

“Fifty kisses,” he bargained, still aiming high.

Down, up, and kiss. “Two. Only ten and I’m not changing my mind. Unlike you, I actually want to use the gym.”

Another kiss. “Twenty-five,” Gyuvin said before Ricky could count.



“I’ll be nice. Fifthteen max.”

“Ricky,” he whined, “Twenty.”

Ricky tutted, “You’re going to make me lose count.”

“That’s okay, we can start over at zero.”

Grabbing a handful of Gyuvin’s shirt, Ricky pulled and kissed him hard enough to bruise, teeth clicking in a way that took his breath away. Ricky bit Gyuvin’s lower lip before he gave him a mischievous push to the chest, unhooking his legs off Gyuvin. “I’m going to do my workout now.” True to his words, Ricky marched away to start his workout routine, scamming Gyuvin with his kisses.

As Gyuvin stood up, he had a job to do. He avoided the mirrors and any machines where he could see Ricky while still choosing the places where Ricky could watch him from behind. Luckily all of the machines he needed to use were in the front. He asked the person near him to spot him. And boy, Ricky sure did watch. The prickling sensation on the back of his neck did not go unnoticed. He welcomed it, thriving under Ricky’s attention.

This lasted for a few hours. Ricky snapped out of his daze when Gyuvin finally caught him staring. “I finished with my reps, you?” Gyuvin said, stretching his arms as he did his habit of cracking his neck side to side, feeling the ache in his muscles. Ricky followed every movement as if Gyuvin was his last feast and he was a starving man.

Judging by the lack of noise for the past few minutes, Ricky had not been exercising. He gave up to ogle at him instead. He got off the cycling bike, the one he had changed to ten minutes ago, and he moved closer to the mirrors to fix his hair. “I’m done.”

Scanning around the gym, nobody else was there. The universe must be on his side today. With Ricky facing the gym mirrors, Gyuvin planted his ambush. Deciding to start cute and sweet, he drew Ricky in for a back hug, arms settled around his waist. The reflection of Ricky’s milky, lithe waist contrasting Gyuvin’s muscular arms was a sight to marvel at, a visual delight. They looked good together.

Gyuvin pressed a kiss on Ricky’s neck, overdosing on the mixture of Ricky’s shampoo, body wash, and sweat. He never knew he could get intoxicated on a scent so addicting that no remedy could fix, but no cure was better than Ricky.

“Get off me, you stink,” Ricky protested, yet neither of them budged.

Gyuvin took Ricky’s hands, running fingers lightly over his wrists. “Have I ever told you how small you are?”

“Multiple times,” Ricky said with a sigh, bumping his shoulder into Gyuvin. Listen, the difference between their figures should be studied. It was fascinating, captivating, and magnetic. Gyuvin would fund and establish a school to teach everybody how they were meant to be together and how pretty and dainty his Ricky was. His fixation was only natural, he was only human. Don’t blame Gyuvin, it wasn’t his fault.

“I can wrap my hands around your wrists. See?” To prove it, he wrapped his fingers around both of Ricky’s hands, pinning him in place. Their fingers touched each other. “I bet I could wrap my hands around your waist too.” They both knew for a fact he could, having done it countless times before.

They shared body heat, sweaty and sticky next to each other. Gyuvin was feeling somewhat shy but he needed to proceed with his plans. “What if oppa f*cked you here? In the open where everyone can see? Would you like that?” Ricky gasped, shutting his eyes and throwing his head back, landing on Gyuvin’s shoulder. “Your shorts are so short and thin, I could slide right in. Would you allow oppa to take you here?”

“Gyuvin…” Opening his eyes, Ricky looked at him through the mirror. Ricky tightened his hold on Gyuvin, digging his nails in, brows tense with shallow breaths. If Gyuvin wasn’t holding his waist, Ricky would be melting. “You can,” he whispered.

“Can what?” Lips brushed against Ricky’s ear and he mewled, a groan caught in his throat. Gyuvin tugged on his earlobe with his teeth as he spread his big hands across Ricky’s chest under his shirt.

“You can f*ck me here.”

“Anyone could walk in and see you spread around my co*ck. But you like having an audience, don’t you?” Ricky hitched his breath. “What a tease. Would you take anyone if they asked? You’re desperate, practically begging for it.” Gyuvin grunted. He wanted Ricky to himself.

“No!” Exclaimed Ricky, hot red shame staining his face. “Only you,” Ricky attempted to turn his body around but Gyuvin held his waist firmly.

“Only who?” They watched each other through the mirror again in an intense staring contest as suspense filled the room.

“Only oppa. I only want oppa,” Ricky licked his lips before turning his head to see Gyuvin. Like usual, Ricky paused to think hard, which never meant any good. He looked adorable and sinful. If Gyuvin didn’t know better, he would have no clue Ricky was plotting his downfall. Gyuvin had no idea what Ricky was going to do. Pressing their bodies even closer, though at this point they were already as close as humanly possible, Ricky signaled Gyuvin to let him face forward.

Obeying Ricky’s request, Ricky smiled sweetly as Gyuvin pushed him to the mirror, a small thud reverberated at the impact. When Gyuvin wasn’t wearing the Gucci ring on his hand, he wore it on a chain. Ricky tugged the ring on the necklace with his fingers, leading Gyuvin’s head down until their foreheads met. Following that, Ricky moved away to allow some space so he could do that pretty thing with his eyes. That triangle method flirting technique. He looked at Gyuvin’s left eye, right eye, and lips, then traveled back to his left eye.

“Oppa, I want you to breed me.”

Jesus christ.

This wasn’t how today was supposed to go. Ricky was supposed to be the one being seduced for a change. Ricky was supposed to be the one begging for mercy. Ricky was supposed to be the one whose world was thrown off the axis. He wanted to wipe that stupid sh*t-eating smirk off on Ricky’s pretty face.

Frustrated at his unmistakable loss, Gyuvin crashed his lips on Ricky’s. He ran his tongue over Ricky’s lips, sucking on his bottom lip before biting it. Despite the frantic and hungry kiss, Gyuvin cradled Ricky’s face like he was the most precious thing on the planet. To Gyuvin, he was. Ricky was his most favorite person. Here, pressed together, chest to chest, he can hear their heartbeats pounding as their breaths sync as one.

The kiss continued to be messy and sloppy, comparable to animals in heat. Ricky rolled his hips with the fervent desire to unravel Gyuvin until they became a jumbled mess. The mutual obsession of ruining each other never rested. They were too occupied, lips clinging to one another, nearly forgetting to breathe. Debauched noises echoed throughout the gym, a testimony of their entanglement.

No workout could match the way kissing Ricky made him weak in the knees.

They should stop. They really should. They could stop. Gyuvin debated this dilemma, capturing Ricky’s lips over and over.

The gym doors opened with a bam, deciding the choice for him. The two jumped up and separated. A hyped gym bro entered the room, terminating the atmosphere. As hot as it was to make out here, they really were not trying to be jailed for public indecency today. Another day, possibly.

Spearing a glance at Ricky, his lips were bruised a crimson red and wet from spit. The teary-eyed look from being kissed was gorgeous. Ricky’s hair was not in its usual pristine state, sullied by Gyuvin’s hands somewhere in their heated make out session. “You look like a mess,” said Gyuvin. He knew he looked no better, suddenly aware of the sweat sticking to his skin. The narrow-eyed look Ricky gave back said enough.

Concluding that their time in the gym was over, he gave Ricky a brief look over, noticing how his shorts had risen more than necessary. He tugged down the shorts by the hem so they rested at their appropriate height, patting them down for good measures before he patted Ricky's ass, treating it like a stress ball.

Ricky tried to stop him, slapping his hands off but at that moment, Gyuvin grabbed Ricky’s hand in his and intertwined their fingers. “Time to shower and go home,” he grinned. With the recurring theme of showers in his life, he was shocked that they had not snapped and had shower sex yet.

Ricky rolled his eyes, grinning back. “No funny business.”

With an offended gasp, Gyuvin voiced, “I should be saying that to you!” He pouted, poking Ricky in the stomach as he squirmed, giggling at Gyuvin’s sulking. There goes his plans for locker room sex. “It’s your fault.”

“Oh? Suddenly it’s my fault that you couldn’t hold it in your pants? I didn’t know you didn’t have any control in you at all.”

“It’s your fault for pulling the oppa card and…” Gyuvin blushed, stopping in the middle of the area. Oppa, I want you to breed me. Yeah, Gyuvin was going to die.

Covering his mouth with his hand, Ricky did his signature “Opps,” and laughed at his suffering before he rewarded Gyuvin with a chaste kiss. Never get a sexy and teasing boyfriend or else this sh*t will happen.

“Who's a good puppy?” Ricky teased.

Gyuvin sighed, shoulders slouching in defeat, “Me.” Ricky burst into another round of laughter, and yeah, Gyuvin was definitely in love.

Ricky pressed a finger on Gyuvin’s lips, coquettish and flirtatious. “Tomorrow.”

“What?” Gyuvin was lost. Ricky sometimes left him speechless and clueless, throwing a curveball at him. When Gyuvin paused a minute ago, reminiscing about Ricky’s words, almost blurting a question about how many kids they should have, Ricky had dragged them correctly into the locker room.

“Tomorrow, when you finish work, leave your schedule empty and come home.” He fiddled with Gyuvin’s hands. “Do you trust me?”

“Of course,” he replied with no delay. Anywhere Ricky went and whatever he did, Gyuvin followed.

Ricky beamed, “Good. I have a surprise for you. You better enjoy it.” He dipped into the showers after patting Gyuvin’s face like a dog who successfully learned a command for a trick. The clogs in Gyuvin’s mind started moving.

This meant only one thing.

Sex with Ricky!

Unlike the usual mornings, or more like back to their typical schedule before the past few weeks, Gyuvin woke up first, determined. Gyuvin was even considering calling in sick. Sick with whippiness. Doctor Zhang at the Hospital of hom*osexuality had once diagnosed him and said it was terminal. Love is love, Doctor Zhang added as an afterthought. Ricky is love, patient Gyuvin replied and instantly he was kicked out.

He shot out of bed with fiery enthusiasm, flinging his side of the blanket. Life has never been this great. Birds were chirping and the sun was shining. Sunlight slipped out of the window blinds, warm light landing on Ricky’s face. Holding a hand out, Gyuvin blocked the sun from reaching Ricky.

“Qubing… Close the curtains.” He mumbled out with a pout, slurring his words, eyes still shut tight.

“Alright, alright.” He removed his hand and Ricky pulled the blanket up over his face to avoid the light. Without delay, Gyuvin closed the curtains as demanded and went back to the bed, standing in front of Ricky. “Baby, I’m going to make breakfast.” A hum came from under the covers as a hand peaked out to chase him away. Gyuvin gently grabbed his hand and pressed a kiss on his ring finger, “Sleep well.”

Several minutes later as Gyuvin was cooking, he heard Ricky’s footsteps and they met each other in the kitchen in their matching pajamas with Gyuvin in a white, mango-themed sleepwear and Ricky in a black, strawberry-themed one. They brought them on a whim on one of their frequent walks around the city.

His boyfriend huffed a combination of a sigh and laugh the moment he spotted Gyuvin, noticing the abundant energy overflowing out of his body as he prepared breakfast. Ricky hugged Gyuvin from the back, pressing his cheek into his shoulder. “My boyfriend is working so hard in the morning.”

Gyuvin cut a piece of an apple, holding it above his shoulder. Ricky took the piece with his lips. “Your husband,” Gyuvin corrected.

“My husband.” He could hear Ricky’s smile in his words. “My husband is working so hard for me, I should reward him, shouldn’t I? What do you think, Gyuvin-ah?”

Gyuvin could not take off his grin even if he tried. “I think that my Ricky is always right, your husband will be very happy. What are you planning?”

Letting go of his hands, Ricky carried some of the plates of food on the kitchen island onto the table with a tight-lipped smile, “Fishing for answers now? I thought you liked surprises.” He finished setting the table, “Come eat,” beckoning him over.

Untying his apron, he hung it before seating himself across from an awaiting Ricky. Gyuvin took a pair of chopsticks, grabbed pieces of food, and blew on it before giving Ricky the first bite. “Good?” asked Gyuvin. Ricky sent a thumbs up, busy with chewing.

After breakfast, they both proceed with their day. They separated after their classes were over with Ricky heading home, sternly reminding Gyuvin that he was not allowed to come home until his shift was over. He watched Gyuvin reluctantly depart for work.

On autopilot, Gyuvin worked hard. He was the best employee of the day. Time flew way too slowly, dragging on and on. Everything was a blur but now he was standing in front of their place again, keys unlocking the door.

Gyuvin returned home to a quiet place again, feeling a sense of deja vu. His boyfriend must be trying to achieve an award in the scientific study of poor Kim Gyuvin’s sexual interests and sexual behavior. The experiment was working and research was being obtained. He was conditioned, arousal building up in anticipation, trained like Pavolv’s dog.

The door to Ricky’s room was ajar, allowing some of the subdued lights to come out. This time Gyuvin doesn’t escape to his room. This time he knocked on Ricky’s door, granting access inside. Opening the door, he muttered in awe, “Wow…”

This time he discovered Ricky in the center of his room holding a red fluffy cat ears headband, dressed in a matching red laced-up see-through babydoll lingerie set decorated with bows and paired with stockings. The bows in the center gave the illusion that the babydoll was a corset. The lingerie flattered his silhouette.

“Hi, Ricky.”

“Hi, Gyuvin.”

This reminded him of their initial conversation a few months ago. But this time it will be different.

“Can I put that on you?” Gyuvin asked when he was in front of him. Ricky nodded, letting Gyuvin take the headband out of his grasp. Gently he placed the headband onto Ricky's head, adjusting it until the cat ears lined up perfectly. Their hands met each other afterward. “I really missed you so much,” Gyuvin declared.

“You saw me this morning, it has only been a few hours since then.”

“Too many hours too long,” Gyuvin huffed, pouting. “I met you earlier but I miss you already.”

“I miss you too.” Gyuvin felt like a husband coming back home to his housewife. What did he do to deserve such a gorgeous and sweet boyfriend? He needed to marry him.

Ricky deserved to know how beautiful he looked and Gyuvin was going to but in the end, he blurted, “I feel like you found my p*rn search history or something.”

Ricky quirked his eyebrows at him.

Gyuvin wanted to dig a hole right now for ruining the mood, he was definitely not getting laid tonight.

“Haha, just kidding.”

TMI but at the lowest point of his life, his old p*rn history was a mix of pretty-chinese-blond-bottom-cross-dressing and gay-twink-creampie-strength-kink so this was embarrassing news. Each time Ricky dyed his hair, he changed the keyword too.

Still, this was a once-in-a-millennium sight. A win was still a win!

“Actually, about that…” Ricky said.

Never mind, this was the worst day ever. He should have cleared his search history on their shared laptop or whenever Ricky borrowed his phone. That was a relapse in judgment when he was too horny to open an incognito tab. He was seriously reconsidering their decision to save each other’s face ID on their phones three months into their friendship years ago.

“Noooo…” Gyuvin whined, burying his face in Ricky's neck. “Forgot what you saw. You heard nothing. I’m a changed man.”

“So you don’t like my outfit,” pouted Ricky, the cat ears drooping down as if it was part of his body.

“No!” Gyuvin sputtered. Ricky was simply teasing but he could not allow him to ever doubt that, even if it was a fleeting second or not. He clarified like it was an emergency, “God, no. Never. Don’t put words in my mouth. I like it. Very much. Love it, in fact, more than you can imagine.”

Ricky blushed at the honest confession. “How do I look?” He gave a small twirl, hands on the sides of the fabric. A whole angel fairy princess right there if he has ever seen one.

Gyuvin gulped, “Beautiful.” He was simply a powerless human hypnotized and bewitched by the lovely siren in front of him. If Ricky wanted to lure him to destruction, Gyuvin wouldn't mind dying between his thighs as Ricky whispered sweet nothings. No spell was needed for his hands to meet that tiny waist again.

His mouth latched on Ricky’s collarbone, ready to mark his canvas. He nipped at it, planting open-mouthed kisses until he reached his neck and sucked a mark. Ricky trembled, small hums pouring out.

“My pretty Ricky. I can show you how much I like it. How much I like you. Baby, please.”

Ricky whimpered out, “Wait.”

Gyuvin immediately paused.

Catching his breath, Ricky carded Gyuvin’s hair, soft and smooth all thanks to Ricky’s recommended shampoo and conditioner, brushing his bangs out of the way. Gyuvin’s face was flushed pink, the blood had rushed to his cheeks since he stepped into the room. Ricky commented, “You drive me crazy, sometimes I lose control.”

“Yeah?” The feeling was mutual.

Ricky led him onto the edge of the bed, telling him to sit down. Once Gyuvin was seated, Ricky straddled him, sitting on his lap. Gyuvin asked, “You’re dressed so prettily, is this my surprise? When did you buy this?” He touched the flowy fabric, tracing the floral patterns.

“A month ago.”

“Oh, that makes sense why you were mad at me when I was about to open your package. But why was the box super heavy? Don’t tell me you brought other stuff.” Ricky looked away, pretending like he couldn’t hear. With his interest peaked, Gyuvin inched closer. “What else did you buy?”

“Some stuff. Three other lingerie of different colors and designs, I guess. One pink, black, and white. They’re over there.” He shyly pointed to the opened box where Gyuvin could see those three colors peeking out.

The baby pink lingerie looked like a corset, a classic in Gyuvin’s daydreams. The black undergarment’s material was transparent and the white undergarment’s design reminded him of a bridal dress. Hidden between that suspiciously looked like a dild* and a collar with a bell. Gyuvin had no idea what he should do with that information.

One step at a time. They’ll discuss all of that later.

“Do you want a traditional wedding?” Gyuvin suddenly asked. Ricky tilted his head at the abrupt topic change. Gyuvin grinned before elaborating. “Is that why you chose red for our wedding tonight?”

Ricky smiled and gave a soundless laugh. “You're gonna bow to heaven and earth with me?”

“Of course!” Marriage talk wasn’t enough. They needed to get married right now. “Let’s do a Chinese wedding in your hometown and a Korean wedding in mine. We need a western-style themed wedding too. We both look great in suits. What color? What flower? Bow or tie?”

“Kim Gyuvin.” Gyuvin wanted Ricky to always say his name, to be the only one in the entire world to say it. No one said his name as right as Ricky. “I love you.”

Happiness was beautiful on Ricky. “I love you too, Shim Ricky-yah.”

Clearing his throat, Ricky exhaled, “It’s been over a month but I’m going to try to say it again. I already prepared and cleaned myself. We both are clean too.” He trailed off, words becoming quieter than the next. “I want to have— y’know.”

The pretty boy in his lap was blushing. “Want me to fill you up and keep you full? You can ask me for a blow j*b perfectly fine and planned all of that out but asking me to f*ck you raw is where you draw the line?” Despite the teasing, the idea of cumming inside Ricky was a punch to the gut, too overpowering and enough to shock him to the core.

Ricky swatted Gyuvin’s chest and groaned into the crook of Gyuvin’s neck, the cat ears headband slightly slipping. “Be quiet. I don’t know.” Ricky was too cute, what was Gyuvin going to do with him? With his head resting on his shoulder, Ricky mumbled, “I just really like you. I guess I was a little bit afraid. I was nervous.”

“Aww, my princess.”

Ricky pulled back, pointing out, “But you're not off the hook either. You were dead silent when I first brought it up.”


That day, Gyuvin was caught off guard. He got whacked with a whiplash. The headquarters in his brain had shut down. Thoughts were traveling miles per second and subsequently, every thought disappeared the moment he opened his mouth.

He really didn’t mean to not answer. Only an ungrateful idiot would not want to have passionate sex, lovemaking even, with their beautiful and sexy boyfriend. Gyuvin was a grateful person, so grateful that he was lost for words, rendered speechless.

“f*ck. Um. Is my brain malfunctioning a good reason why I didn't answer? I'm sorry, baby, I'll make it up to you.” He slipped his hands lower, resting them on Ricky’s ass, trying to coax and win him over.

“How will you make it up to me?”

“I'll do anything, I'll give everything you want.” Gyuvin kneaded Ricky's ass, happy when Ricky hummed in response. It didn’t matter if it was because of his answer or his hands, Gyuvin took it as encouragement, greedy for approval.


“I've never been more sure. Whatever you say.”

“Is that so?” Ricky tapped his finger on his chin, pretending to think. “Then you should be fine with me not calling you oppa in bed, right?”

“Excuse me?” He nearly shouted. He rapidly blinked at Ricky, trying to communicate and appeal to him. After all of that teasing? Ricky was messing with him, no doubt. “Not even for one second?”

“Your punishment,” he explained, “Take it or leave it.” Gyuvin metaphorically fell to his knees. “You should call me oppa, I'm older than you.”

“No way.” He comically shook his head, large, widened doe eyes in distress. This might be the biggest crisis he has ever faced in his life.

“You called me hyung before, though? No ‘Ricky-hyung’ anymore?” Gyuvin kept his lips sealed shut. One calamity at a time, please, and thank you. Regrettably, Ricky wanted to cause a catastrophe. “Try it. Repeat after me, Gyuvin-ah. Ricky-hyung, Ricky-oppa, Shen Quanrui-gege.”

Gyuvin was not ready to unleash this can of worms. Still shaking his head just for the bit, Gyuvin decided to close his eyes too. Bad move on his part because without his vision, Ricky moved in closer to whisper in his ear.

“How about noona?”

Oh. Oh!

Gyuvin shot his eyes open, his dick throbbed, stiff in his trousers. sh*t. Goddammit. Ricky sinfully smiled before pouting, “Aww, do you wanna be noona's good boy? Kim Qubing, answer.” Ricky always used Gyuvin's tricks on him. He was creating a monster.

“Yes, noona,” he replied too easily, which was almost humiliating if he had any shame. Something about being in love with Ricky made him act like a shameless fool. “I want to be noona's good boy. Noona, I'll be good.”

“Too bad that jiejie doesn't like naughty boys.”

“Kim Ricky…”

“Shim Gyuvin.” He mimicked, batting his lashes. The beauty mark under his lower lash line was pretty, catching his attention. Gyuvin touched it and leaned in to kiss Ricky but he moved back, making Gyuvin chase his lips. He gave Ricky the most pleading expression he could. A kiss, please. “Are you going to take me to bed or not?”

Change of plans.

“I will.” They will come back to this conversation, and Gyuvin will make sure of this. He stood up carrying Ricky, his legs hooked around Gyuvin's hips and arms wrapped around his shoulders. Since they were already on the bed, all Gyuvin needed to do was turn around and reposition them. He carefully placed Ricky onto the center of the bed, the light framing his figure.

Ricky knew when to play the dainty weak role when he wanted to, especially when they knew they both enjoyed it. He was a master of his craft, always caring how he presented himself, charming anyone who glanced his way, yet in this safe space between them only, Gyuvin got to see Ricky raw and bare with no mask.

The lingerie was light and comfortable in Gyuvin's hands. “My pretty kitty.”

Ricky reddened and pawed at Gyuvin's shirt, “Take it off.” He gawked unashamedly at Gyuvin's body as he removed his shirt. Gyuvin was about to make a corny comment as a joke, something about liking what he saw and such, but Ricky stopped him. “Don’t speak. Whatever you're about to say, don't. You are ten times more attractive when your mouth is shut.”

“Lies. You love me when I talk.”

“Shh.” Gyuvin rolled his eyes, moving his hands to his pants to unbutton and unzip it painfully slow. He let his pants sit there on his hips, cheekily smiling at a desperate Ricky who was eyeing him up.

Ricky pulled on Gyuvin's arms, motioning him to lean down. He ran his hands on Gyuvin’s stomach muscles, loving how the toned abs were soft yet firm to the touch. Gyuvin had never been more indebted to his gym routine, though Ricky would love him regardless.

Somehow, the way Ricky was looking and touching made him feel vulnerable like Ricky was looking through his soul. It wasn’t a bad or scary feeling. Instead, he felt safe and secure. There was only one person he would grant his soul to.

Ricky caressed Gyuvin’s waist, absorbed in his own thoughts. He hummed, “Maybe I understand your obsession with my waist because…”

“Because what?”

Ricky laughed, gummy smile flourishing. “Nothing.”

“Whaaat?” He slurred the word, drawing it out. Ricky looked at him like he was sharing an open secret and Gyuvin missed the gossip. “Tell me what you’re thinking about.”

“You have really nice proportions.” Ricky ran his nails against his stomach and Gyuvin tensed up at the microscopic pain that burned on his skin. “Though, you already know that.”

“It doesn’t hurt to hear it from you. What else do you like about me?”

“I like everything about you.” Gyuvin’s heart skipped a beat, a silly grin emerging. “Oh, and your hands are big.” This had Gyuvin barking out a laugh.

“And yours are tiny.”

Gyuvin rested his hands on Ricky’s smooth, slender thighs. He touched the bare skin that wasn’t covered by the thin lace stockings and massaged them. The pinkish-purple marks from before were still there acting as embellishments. He put pressure on the sensitive marks, his fingerprints red on the skin as Ricky writhed underneath him.

Gyuvin was Ricky’s most devoted follower, kissing the ground he walked on. Leaning down, he was left with no other option but to press a peck on the little bow of the thong, and pull the thong to the side to reveal Ricky's hole clenching at the cold air. Gyuvin took his time to stare. Very pretty.


Right. Snapping his attention back, Gyuvin asked, “Lube?”

“Second drawer.”

He reached over and found it, squeezing a generous amount on his finger and warming it up. The wetter the better. “No strawberry?”

“You think I buy anything that’s strawberry.” An exasperated sigh followed.

“You do, though.” The lip gloss Ricky put on was strawberry. That drink during class earlier was strawberry. All of the bingsu options he was debating between were strawberry. “We should buy mango-flavored lube.”

“You buy it. I am fine with this plain lubricant.”

“And I will buy it. I wanna combine my favorite tastes in the world together. Ricky and mango, mango and Ricky.” He wiggled his eyebrows, “Is there a strawberry-mango lube? There should be, right? Which one sounds better to my Ricky?”

He glared, annoyed, “Your Ricky thinks that his boyfriend inside him sounds the best and if he doesn't, he won’t be tasting anything in the first place.”

“Yessir!” Gyuvin said, saluting. Whipping himself back to business, he finally warmed up the lube. “Confirming this with you again but no condom?”

“Yes, I want to feel you inside me,” Ricky shyly confessed. “Unless you want to use one.”

“Oooh, you wanna feel me inside. How cute, I think you have a crush on me. Why didn't you tell me?” He replied, tracing his finger on Ricky's rim and Ricky involuntarily shuddered at the sensation.

“You’re annoying.”

“I'm charming actually. If not, why else would you want me?” Then he faked a gasp, “Don’t tell me you only wanted me for my body and my dick.”

“I had your dick in my mouth a few days ago. I have heard enough about your dick.”

“Hey, we are about to have sexual intercourse, anal butt sex where I shoot my load inside to be exact, so please don't say that to my baby maker, it's hurting my feelings.”

“This is the least sexy conversation I have ever had. Never call your dick that ever again.” While it may look like Ricky was regretting everything that led up to this, he was more relaxed and that was all that mattered to Gyuvin.

“I hope you're not having unsexy talks with other people. I'll let you know I got great reviews on this sex thing. Don’t mind any rumors out there. Are we gonna pretend like you weren't giving me your f*ck me eyes or how you begged for my co*ck? What does that say about you?”

“That I'm a fool.” A fingertip teasingly entered followed by a gasp.

“A fool for me? Very romantic.” The finger passed the first knuckle. The imagery of Ricky, all smooth and clean, was insanely hot and Gyuvin’s mind was jumping around in chaos. “I want to eat you out.”

“Next time.” Gyuvin's heart soared. Next time… There will be a next time. He hoped there would always be a next time. There was so much he wanted to do with Ricky.


“Promise. You know I don’t break my promises.” Overfilled with affection, Gyuvin smothered him with kisses on his face. One on the nose, one on the cheek, one on the beauty mark, one on the forehead, one on the lips. The bashful smile on Ricky was beautiful and enchanting, he couldn’t believe he was the cause of that smile.

He retreated back to admire Ricky in his lingerie set. Because of the see-through lace, the visible wet spot on the red thong was even more clear. Gyuvin slid a hand on Ricky's stomach under the lightweight flowy lingerie top, exposing his chest. Rough hands were on smooth skin. Ricky shivered at the cool air and hot warmth of Gyuvin's hand, the contrasting temperature was piercing on his skin.

He grabbed the hem of the babydoll, signaling it to Ricky's mouth, “Bite.” Ricky complied, eyes following Gyuvin's next move.

Wetting his lips, he stared at the perky pink nipples and took one into his mouth, fondling the other with his free hand. He flicked his tongue, liking the way the bud hardened. “Your tit* are pretty,” Gyuvin said in between licks. Ricky opened his mouth, letting the fabric fall, ready to object but whatever he wanted to say was swallowed by a low moan when Gyuvin returned to licking.

He sucked and bit, leaving teeth marks as Ricky's hand tangled in his hair, fingertips against his scalp in an addicting way that sent pleasurable shocks to his spine. Gyuvin left one last lick on the bud as an apology for the marks, it was going to be bright red later. He moved onwards to the ribcage tattoo, giving it the same treatment.

“Gyuvin, please.”

Shifting his focus back to fingering Ricky, he watched his finger disappear, fascinated. “How are you feeling? Does it feel okay?”

“Good. Your fingers are bigger, it feels different. A good different,” Ricky admitted. “You can put another in.”

Smiling, Gyuvin added a second finger, scissoring to stretch him out. Ricky was the prettiest person he had ever laid eyes on. Overcome with desire, he blurted, “Call me oppa.”

“I am not calling you that.”

Ouch. What an immediate rejection. “You have been using that against me since this whole thing started. One last time and I won’t ask ever again. Please, for me?”

In the most deadpan voice Ricky could muster, he said, “Oppa.” Gyuvin could tell Ricky tried to make the word sound as unappealing as possible.

Unfortunately, Ricky was always sexy and him calling Gyuvin oppa in any context was an instant turn on. Embarrassment colored Ricky’s face, crowning him the biggest walking contradiction on the planet. His ears were the reddest. Cute.

Gyuvin hummed, amused. Ricky was so cute that Gyuvin needed to f*ck him silly until he couldn't speak. He bit back a moan when Gyuvin started pumping his fingers in and out. “You’re still tight, how are you going to fit me? Don’t you want oppa’s co*ck?”

Ricky’s body shuttered, “Stop calling yourself that, Gyuvin.”

“What about laogong? Do you want to be my pretty wife, my laopo?”

Ricky cried out with a gasp, releasing more precum, smearing and dirtying his stomach. “Laopo, you're so pretty, you want your laogong's co*ck? Should I put it in already?” Gyuvin inserted another finger. “Look at how easily my fingers slip in now. So greedy, you were made for this, aren't you?”

“Where the hell did you pick that up?” Ricky questioned, biting another moan back. He was shaking, hips trembling.

“Well, Hanbin-hyung and Hao-hyung are—”

“Shut up and kiss me.” And that, Gyuvin could do. Bending down as he continued to finger him, he placed his lips on Ricky’s, smiling through the kiss while Ricky wrapped his arms around Gyuvin’s shoulders.

Gyuvin dug his digit into Ricky’s prostate and moans predictably spilled out, Ricky arching his back from the pleasure. “You said you wanted me to breed you. I can do that. I can fill you up. If you ask your laogong nicely, I'll do it for my pretty laopo.”

“Gyuvin,” he whined in embarrassment and more precum flowed out, dripping down to display the evidence of his arousal yet Ricky never quite answered Gyuvin. He rutted gluttonously against his fingers trying to obtain the gratification he had received at that sweet spot.

Ricky, mind coated in a haze, purely could only whine. He whined when Gyuvin's fingers didn’t press his prostate and he wailed when it did. The display of desperation had Gyuvin's insides twisting, evoking primal desire.

Gyuvin slipped out his fingers and Ricky practically sobbed at the sudden emptiness. “It seems like my laopo doesn't want my help anymore even though he's begging for co*ck. Look at how wet you are.” Gyuvin wiped the precum leaking through the underwear, licking his finger as he stared down at Ricky. “That can't be helped. I'm a good husband, a good laogong and I'll take care of you. I'll wait until you tell me what you want.”

Ricky swiftly grabbed Gyuvin's hand, “No, don’t go, don't stop. I need you.”

“Me? My laopo needs me for what?”

“Need you in me. Need your fingers, need your co*ck, laogong.” Hearing Ricky call him that brought him sweet delight.

“Do you deserve it? Should I just use your thighs? You can watch me f*ck your thighs. I think you would be fine with that.”

Wretched from need, Ricky opened his legs, presenting himself. “I dressed myself all pretty for you, laogong. I have been waiting forever. I want you inside, don’t waste any drop. Please.”

Gyuvin inhaled, “Since you begged so nicely. Can you give your laogong a kiss?” Desperate, Ricky crawled toward Gyuvin into his lap and kissed him, pliant and docile. Their lips slotted together, and Ricky’s tongue gently met Gyuvin’s. Breaking the kiss, their salvia stayed connected before Ricky licked his lips to separate it. Everything was filthy hot with Ricky.

“Oppa, I want to ride you.” He said through hooded eyes and pouty lips.

Instinctively Gyuvin thrusted up and Ricky wailed at the unexpected movement. Gyuvin bit his lips. Ricky was too hot and sexy for him to think. He asked, lightheaded, “So, the oppa thing is in, right?”

“Yes,” he gasped out. Out of the two of them, Ricky was better at this type of teasing in the long run. Gyuvin couldn’t last a few minutes before Ricky got the upper hand again. He wasn't in the right mind to drag it on any longer. “Now get going.”


“You like it.” Got him there. “C’mon, hurry, oppa, lie down for your laopo.”

Gyuvin hiked up the lace. He wondered if Ricky would wear the other lingerie. He wanted to see him in skirts and maybe a maid outfit, too. Ricky liked getting dolled up and he looked good dolled up.

“Okay, whatever my hyung says.” He laughed as Ricky attempted to pinch him. Eager, he lay on the silk pillows, liking the way he could still feel Ricky’s warmth.

Seating himself comfortably, Ricky took hold of both of their co*cks as much as he could. Gyuvin hissed at the contact, almost forgetting about his untouched co*ck. Gyuvin's co*ck was bigger and thicker next to Ricky, their size difference strikingly obvious.

Ricky pressed his stomach against Gyuvin's erect co*ck where the head covered his navel, and he caught the bead of precum on the tip. “Will you reach here?” He wondered out loud to himself, musing like it was the universe's biggest secret.

“Ricky,” Gyuvin could only plead his name, a prayer caught in the back of his throat.

Ricky poured more lube on his co*ck, sliding his hands around it and taking his time before he firmly held the base. He let Gyuvin’s neglected co*ck tauntingly slide between the curve of his ass, rocking back against it.

It felt like ages for Ricky to slowly press the head inside, both of them moaning in unison, the stretch scorching hot and burning. Needing to hold Ricky or else he would lose his mind, he put his hands on Ricky’s waist.

“Be good for your hyung. No touching,” Ricky demanded. A smirk crept onto Ricky’s face as Gyuvin tightened his grip.

Touching Ricky was his favorite thing to do, the constant need to touch and be nearby. He couldn’t keep his hands to himself. A good few seconds passed before he parted his hands away from Ricky’s hip like it physically pained him. He missed him already, gripping on the bedsheets for his dear life.

“Good boy,” cooed Ricky. “Or should I say oppa? Hyung did promise you that, didn’t I?” Ricky carefully sunk down, taking more and more. Watching himself disappearing inside Ricky paired with the blazing hot tightness around his co*ck was mind-blowing, punching all of the air out of his lungs. “Oppa, do I feel good?”

“Yes, Ricky,” he dragged the syllables, “You feel good. So good for oppa.”

“You’re so big, the biggest I have ever taken,” said Ricky, finally bottoming out. When he felt Gyuvin grow inside him, he giggled, oozing with unadulterated happiness, and maybe Gyuvin heard wedding bells.

He couldn’t help but think how he really did meet his best friend, his life-long friend, his boyfriend, his soulmate, who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Gyuvin couldn’t believe Ricky was his.

The dim lights in the center behind Ricky added to the angelic view as if there was a halo. He was divine and Gyuvin wanted to worship Ricky and make him his god.

“Ricky, please, I want to touch you.” Gyuvin was seeing stars. “I’ll behave, I’ll be good, want to hold your hand.”

“Since oppa is listening so well.” He lent a hand, panting as he bounced, and Gyuvin accepted it like it was his last chance from drowning in quicksand, but this was Ricky and he wouldn’t try to escape. It didn’t matter what form Ricky was, sand, clay, water, or air because Gyuvin believed that when the universe was created, their atoms were next to each other, fated to meet.

Gyuvin tried to adjust the pillows with his free hand as Ricky bounced on his co*ck, hole fluttering fervently. He stayed still while Ricky f*cked himself, switching between rocking and bouncing. When Ricky found a comfortable pace, he rode Gyuvin like a man possessed, taking him deeper and harder out of control, panting and moaning.

Gauging Ricky’s state, Gyuvin knew Ricky needed more with the way he tried to seek the perfect rhythm to reach satisfaction. Gyuvin decided to help and thrust up at the same time Ricky came down, hitting his prostate easier, causing Ricky to let go of Gyuvin’s hand in surprise to support himself from falling forward, hands landing on Gyuvin’s abdomen.

“Hold on, oppa, ah—” Ricky whined and rolled his hips. He needed to catch his breath. The unexpected movement had him dumbfounded. Sweat rolled down his forehead and Gyuvin wiped it away.

“Oppa wants to help. Will you allow me?”

Ricky nodded. After obtaining his approval, Gyuvin grabbed his ass and started f*cking him ruthlessly. He f*cked Ricky as if it was their last day on earth together. Once Gyuvin started, he couldn’t stop. “Be a good girl for oppa, okay?” A string of ah, ah, ah, flowed out of a listless Ricky's lips. “Baby, can you still move your hips? It's okay if you can't.”

Ricky whimpered and tightened around his co*ck, sultry and needy. “Can.” He attempted to meet each thrust, but his hips were powerless, his body tried to get away from the paralyzing pleasure even though he was pleading for Gyuvin to go faster and deeper. The feeling of Ricky's warm walls closing on him was mind-boggling, sending him into another dimension. It was a miracle Gyuvin had lasted this long.

Gyuvin slowed down, running a hand in his tousled hair. He ran his palms in soothing motions on Ricky's ass and landed a slap on it, loving the way the pale skin swiftly reddened. Next time he wanted to do it with Ricky’s back facing him. Small beads of precum trailed down Ricky onto the valley of his thighs and the bed sheets.

He continued to f*ck into Ricky’s tight heat. Ricky slowly found a steady rhythm to f*ck himself on his co*ck with Gyuvin’s hands on his hips for support. Liquid heat was merging deep inside Gyuvin’s stomach. “Wanna cum,” he said, voice thick with arousal. His movements were irregular as he tried to chase his org*sm

Just when Gyuvin was about to reach his climax, Ricky paused and slowly pulled out, leaving Gyuvin to cuss. He was close to that sweet release. “Ricky,” he sobbed. He was so close, so close that it was painful.

“Tired,” he replied breathlessly, legs wobbling. Ricky was denying both of their org*sms.

“Pillow princess,” he commented with no bite, doing his best to flip them over. Ricky’s back hit the mattress. Gyuvin was aching and leaking. He could barely move without wanting the world to swallow him up. Taking a pillow, he placed it under Ricky's hips for a more comfortable position. He held himself, guiding his co*ck to Ricky’s loose hole.

Gyuvin braced himself and did everything in his power to not cum inside like a teenage boy at the first inch of Ricky's entrance. “I won’t last long,” warned Gyuvin once he bottomed out inside.

“Me too. You feel good inside me, you’re doing very well for me. I’m so full, need you to f*ck me until I can’t walk.” Driven by lust and motivation to make Ricky feel good, Gyuvin ground his hips and started moving in and out as fast as he could. Once he could locate his prostate easily again, Gyuvin hit it deeper and harder than the last. Ricky wept, shaking and melting into the bed sheets.

“Ricky-hyung…” Gyuvin weakly called out.

It was unfair how pretty Ricky looked and sounded.

Ricky kept saying too big, so good in Mandarin, mumbling into the pillows, drunk on his co*ck. He could barely form sentences and now as Gyuvin quickened the pace, every thrust was calculated to hit his prostate. The pretty boy underneath started mumbling a mix of incoherent languages, mind dazed and drowning in pleasure.

He was a wreck. The sight of Ricky in the pretty lingerie set, sweat clinging to his body, hair messy, blabbing first in his native language, then in every language he knew, all because he was overwhelmed from being f*cked so well, was the sexiest thing Gyuvin had ever seen. He wanted to ruin everybody for him, he wanted to be Ricky’s last.

Ricky was always responsive. His pearly skin was now a dark rosy pink, complementing the lingerie. He raised his hips higher to meet Gyuvin, enabling Gyuvin’s co*ck at the right angle to strike the spot more intensely than before. The drag of his co*ck inside felt heavier.

“Oppa, laogong, yeobo, please.”

He couldn’t believe Ricky would do this to him. That was a three-hit combo knockout. Crazy high on Ricky, he slammed in and out hard. He was losing rhythm. Ricky whined, his untouched co*ck slapping against his flat and soft tummy.

“Please, Gyuvin,” Ricky grabbed one of Gyuvin’s hands, directing it onto his exposed stomach. Gyuvin could see the belly bulge and let a guttural moan as he felt himself moving inside Ricky. “I can feel you, need you so badly.”

“You want me to get you pregnant, Kim Ricky-yah?”

Ricky moaned, clenching down tightly. “Promise? You can cum in me. Can you do this for your hyung? Want it. Want you.”

“I promise. sh*t, what are we going to do when our parents find out I got you pregnant?” He kept on thrusting while he thumbed down the bulge on Ricky’s stomach as more precum spurted out. “We're going to need to get married for real.”

Ricky shook under him. “Let’s get married. You promised me our Jeju honeymoon, too. Want to spend my life with you. You want it, too? With me?”

Gyuvin started sputtering, dazed and delighted, “Yes, yes, yes.” He inhaled sharply. “‘Course I want to. I have loved you since the moment I met you. There’s not one second where I didn’t like you. I want you forever.”

“Me too,” he sighed in pleasure when Gyuvin hit the spot again. He sang out the loveliest melody, “Shim Gyuvin.”

“I love you,” babbled Gyuvin, repeating the three words over and over, trusting at an irregular pace, head dizzy and fuzzy. “Kim Ricky, say it back.”

“I love you too.” Ricky pulled Gyuvin into another messy kiss, though it was less of a kiss and more like tongues sliding against each other. He stared at Gyuvin’s lips one last time and fell back onto the mattress when he knew he was about to come, allowing his org*sm to take over.

When Ricky came, it was devastating in the most beautiful way. He smiled right before he org*smed, all lovely and blissed out. His breath hitched before cute moans began flowing out, Gyuvin’s name on his tongue.

Ricky's teary eyes shined, and his body shuddered, quivering as he rode his org*sm out. His tummy had some of his own cum and he leisurely swiped a bit of it and directed his fingertips into Gyuvin's mouth, humming with praises as Gyuvin eagerly licked throughout the thrusts.

All of this was what Gyuvin needed to bring him over the edge, buried deep and cumming inside Ricky. His vision faded to black for a moment, close to collapsing.

“I'm so full… Stay inside for a little more for hyung.” Gyuvin nodded dumbfoundedly. Inside, he was still sensitive even as he softened. Ricky involuntarily clutched down every then and now. “Kiss?” Ricky requested and it was only natural for Gyuvin to obey, delivering a short but sweet kiss.

Ricky was sweaty, f*cked out, and glowing. He looked like a dream. Sculptures of him deserve to be displayed in museums. This beauty was what nations used to go to wars for. Gyuvin remained inside of Ricky for a couple of minutes. “I’m gonna pull out. I need to clean us up,” he said once he regained his ability to speak.

Ricky whined in protest as Gyuvin slid out, automatically closing his legs. Not having that, Gyuvin patted the outer side of Ricky’s thighs and slid his hands between his legs to reveal Ricky still clenching, keeping the cum inside him.

“Hyung,” pleaded Gyuvin. Ricky faintly moaned, using one of the pillows to cover his face. The white cum made an obscene sound as it leaked out slowly. Before it could dirty the already ruined sheets, Gyuvin lapped it up.

“sh*t, Gyuvin, f*ck, I’m—” The pillow fell, and hands reflexively went in Gyuvin’s hair, mewling at the oversensitivity. As Gyuvin finished licking him clean, he pressed a kiss on Ricky’s thighs next to the other love bites before collapsing next to his boyfriend.

A comfortable silence filled the room. He could hear his heartbeat fluttering loudly yet it was strong and steady. He grabbed Ricky’s hand, placing it on his heart as he looked at Ricky. “I love you. I’ll always love you.”

“I know,” Ricky said fondly, closing his eyes. “Let’s spend every day together like this.”

He hummed in agreement. Remembering they were still dirty, Gyuvin lifted himself to find a damp towel to wipe away their drying mess. He helped Ricky take off the lingerie. As he finished, he lay back in bed.

“So… I have something to say.”

“It’s the noona thing, isn’t it?”

“What? No!” He attempted to cover up the embarrassment by taking an interest in their ceiling, voice weakening at each word. Damn, was he that easy to read? Signing in defeat, “Yeah, it’s the noona thing.”

“You like it when I call you oppa yet you also enjoy calling me hyung and now you want to call me noona?” Gyuvin didn’t need to see Ricky to know he was rolling his eyes with a smug smile. “Freak.”

Gyuvin tore his eyes off the boring ceiling and returned to look at Ricky. “I can’t control what I like. Mind you, it seems like you enjoyed that laogong-laopo thing we got going on more than I expected. Plus, you really like it when I call you hyung. You want me to call you gege so bad.”

“Calling you laogong and letting you call me laopo was because I was in the heat of the moment.”

This liar…

Taking advantage of their naked state, Gyuvin resorted to tickling as they rolled around the mattress until he was on top, caging Ricky between his arms. “Admit it, you wanna be wifed up by me. My little hyung wants me to be his husband so bad.”

“Projection much? Why aren't you my wife for a change? Whatever, I’m pretty sure it’s you who wants to make me your little wife the most.”

“You would be a pretty wife. The best wife in the world.”

Ricky smiled at that. “What if I want to be your husband with you?”

“Then of course we would be husbands— we are husbands. Spouses. Lovers. Everything and anything you want. We can simply just be Gyuvin and Ricky, too.” Gyuvin smiled and giggled, kicking his feet. He took Ricky's hand, bringing it to his lips and kissed his ring finger.

His heart leaped up for joy, bursting with excitement that he could hardly contain his happiness. His mood, his spirit, and his heart lightened, flourishing. He knew this feeling would stay the same on the day they were officially declared husbands. Husbands to each other.

The moment he met Ricky, there was never a moment that his heart didn't beat for him in its special way, always blooming and growing into a heart carved to fit inside Ricky's hands perfectly. If he were to stand up, his feet would barely touch the ground because he would fly away. His eyes sparkled with radiating joy. He had never felt more alive than this.

Ricky was smiling peacefully. He never looked more content than this. Ricky glowed with joy that could rival the morning sun. People liked to compare them to the sun and moon. They often mention that Gyuvin was the sun out of the two, but Ricky was his sun. Gyuvin orbited around Ricky like the universe had made them in mind. Ricky was the star at the center of his solar system.

Gyuvin had unearthed a greater joy that no one could know but only dared to wish to experience.

“Yeah? Just you and me?” said Ricky. “I’ll be the best Ricky in this world, your one and only Ricky.”

Gyuvin was giddy like a young boy in love for the first time. It wasn’t far from the truth. Ricky made him feel like that every day. It should be scary how loving Ricky was the easiest thing he has ever done in the universe. But it was more than that. It was the most beautiful thing to him.

Gyuvin rolled over. “I like the sound of that. I will be the best Gyuvin, the best Gyuvin to ever Gyuvin. I have liked you my entire life. I think a Kim Gyuvin without his Shen Ricky would be unbearable. Our souls are bound together so you’re not getting rid of me.”

“Shim Gyuvin and Kim Ricky,” whispered Ricky full of wonder as he took Gyuvin’s hand, tracing the lines on his palm. “My soulmate.”

“Your soulmate,” he echoed, high on love.

“Your soulmate in this life, our last life, and our next life,” said Ricky.

Overwhelmed with love, he couldn’t help but let them overflow, words spilling out of his mouth, and he suddenly asked, “Ricky-hyung, can we go another round? I wanna go down on you.” God, Gyuvin loved Ricky so much, he wanted to f*ck him again. He ghosted his fingertips up along Ricky’s smooth legs, “Please, noona?”

Holding back a laugh at the sudden eagerness, Ricky replied, “Let’s cuddle, and then I’ll consider it.”

Yes! Gyuvin secretly pumped his fist in celebration, ears perked up, tail wagging. “You’re the best husband in this entire world, Shen Quanrui-gege.”

“Oh, now you say it, huh,” Ricky rolled his eyes. “You know I can feel your heartbeat. You’re way too excited about this.”

Gyuvin's heart was racing, erratic and energetic. He was happily caught but Ricky was no different. His pulse had also accelerated as Gyuvin rubbed circles on his wrist.

“Nap time, Ricky-jiejie.” Gyuvin laughed in adoration as he crushed Ricky into a hug, their breaths mingling into one. The universe stopped time for them in the quiet night, and for now, they rested simply as Gyuvin and Ricky.

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